ShinraTensei Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 519 views |

This is a plugin that allows you to use the “Shinra Tensei” technique from popular anime Naruto, in Minecraft.

Basically, it will knock players around you away from you if they are in a certain range, and if the option is enabled it will also destroy blocks within the given range as well.


/shinratensei [int:radius] [bool:destroy] ? Activates/deactivates shinra tensei “mode”. When the mode is activated, pressing shift+click will make the effect happen.

Example: /shinratensei 15 true ? this will destroy all blocks within a 15 block radius, and push all players away from you within this range.

Screenshots ShinraTensei Plugin crater created by Shinra Tensei.

A cow being pushed back into the air by Shinra Tensei.


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Credits: jonnyli1125