SendPlugin Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 637 views |

By Wizdo.

A Simple Plugin to Send Blocks and Items to Your Friends! To send it is as simple as typing /send [player]! This Plugin makes a new way for players to give items to one another instead of Dropping Items. Send Items with enchantments, durability and even items like Written Books from your Inventory to any other Player’s Inventory.


Command Description Permission
/send <player> Sends the Item in your hand to the Specified Player sendplugin.send
/sendexp <player> <amount> Sends an Amount of Exp to the Specified Player sendplugin.sendexp
/send credits Shows the Author (AKA me) sendplugin.send
/send hide Toggles the Permission sendplugin.notificate for You (Hides the Notifications) sendplugin.send

Chat Messages:


Drag and drop the SendPlugin.jar File in to your server’s plugins Folder. Simple.

Other Notes:

/send Conflicts with Essentials /send to Fix That Disable /send in Essentials config and use /esend or /e:send Instead!

Thanks and Have Fun!

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Credits: TheRealWizdo, CrusadeMech