Rushy Plugin 1.6.4

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Rush is a fun fast-paced PvP Bed Wars mini-game created by Xisumavoid. Rushy automates this mini-game. You can create as many games as you want. So hundreds of people can play on different games at once. You can configure several aspects of the game and you can keep statistics in a MySQL database.

Basic Configuration

  1. Download the latest jar and put it in your /plugins folder then restart your server or use the /reload command
  2. Download the rush map and extract the map and put it in the folder /plugins/Rushy/maps.
  3. Create a map called “wait” to be used as the waiting room. Remove the uid.dat in your map. Place it in the folder /plugins/Rushy/maps.
  4. Open the configuration file of Rushy and change redWait and blueWait to match the location of the coordinates of the waiting room map
  5. Create a rush by making a sign; it’s first line will be [rush], on the second put nothing, for the third line put a “/” followed by the maximum number of players for this rush. If you do not do this it shall be set to 8. On the final line type the name of the rush. After having finished, right click on the sign. You should have something like the sign to the right in image below.


Command Usage Description
/rushy join /rushy join <red or blue> To change team
/rushy vote /rushy vote To vote for the start of the rush
/rushy t /rusy t <message> To speak to your team in rush
/rushy start /rushy start <rush> Lets an administrator start a rush
/rushy reload /rushy reload Reloads the configuration file
/rushy leave /rushy leave To leave a rush


Permission Default Description
rushy.* op Gives all the permissions
rushy.reload op Permits to reload the configuration file
rushy.start op Permits to start a rush
rushy.cmdInGame op Permits to use commands like /gamemode or /spawn in rush
rushy.join true Permits to change team true Permits to vote to start a game
rushy.t true Permits to to send a message to your team


If your server uses this plugin please send a comment with the IP.

Help Needed

I would need someone to build a waiting area map.


If this plugin helped you and you would like to donate please buy an Optifine cape for Geenty,Sancheverus or RhouliBrokoli.

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Credits: sanchixx, MikuFR