Rent a Mount Plugin 1.7.2

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Rent a Mount

Rent a Mount is meant to let you buy a Horse, Donkey, Mule, Skeleton horse or Zombie horse. You may only own one and it will disappear when you dismount or logout. We did not want tons of horses on our server and we also decided we did not want the pet idea but instead wanted a fun but constant use of money and horses.


  • Buy Zombie Horse
  • Buy Skeleton Horse
  • Buy Donkey
  • Buy Mule
  • Buy Horse
  • Custom default horse in config
  • Custom Prices in Config
  • Prevent Damage to Horse ONLY when Rider is on Horse
  • Mounted horses reflect damage
  • Prevent odd interactions with other rideables
  • Lock saddles on summoned horses


  • ? /mount ? ? This menu
  • ? /mount horse
  • ? /mount donkey
  • ? /mount mule
  • ? /mount zombie
  • ? /mount skeleton


  • (default all)
  • (donkey / mule / skeleton / zombie ? OP)


This plugin is dependent on Vault

Bukkit Version

? Must use current CB versions to work
? Test on your offline server first for any issues or conflicts.

Other Options

Ktross’s plugin Horse Mount is a fantastic full featured Horse plugin which we highly recommended if you want a more robust horse plugin. Ours is meant to be very simple and economy driven.

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Credits: rasnyderiii