Rank List Plugin 1.7.2

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This plugin is for Server owners that keep getting asked the very familiar question “What are the ranks on this server?”

This plugin offers a simple solution:

By telling the user that if they use the command /ranklist they will get a list of the ranks currently on the server without having to go to a website to find out the ranks like most servers do

Please note from version RankList V0.3+ the plugin folder has been renamed to “RankList”

so if you are upgrading from an earlier version you may need to re-config your config.yml or copy the one from the old folder to the new one and reload **


/ranklist ? lists the current ranks available on the server

/ranklist reload ? reloads the config

/rnklst or /ranks can also be used as an abbreviated command for this plugin


ranklist.reload ? allows a player to reload the plugin config

 To do

  • Add plugin.yml to customise text when the command is run ? 100% Complete
  • Add reload command ? 100% Complete
  • add more features such as in depth permissions that are available for each group ? 25% Complete!
  • add more ranks to the plugin ? 100% Complete!
  • add plugin update checker ? 100% Complete!

Please NOTE that this plugin is compiled with JRE 7




  • First build of plugin
  • simple one command implemented for now


  • added config file to add/change rank names and server name displayed when command executed
  • updated to 1.4.6


  • Added plugin metrics
  • Changed folder name for config to “RankList” instead of “RankList1?
  • fixed minor bug on version number


  • updated for 1.4.7


  • added colour support


  • updated for 1.5

V0.4.2 18/04/2013

  • updated for 1.5.1
  • improved source code

V0.4.3 04/05/2013

  • updated for 1.5.2
  • improved source code yet again http://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/simple-smile.png

V0.5 26/05/2013

  • Added reload command.
  • Added abbreviated command “rnklst”.

V0.5.1 27/05/2013

  • Added support for up to 20 Ranks (By request).
  • Added some formatting, number for each rank.

V0.5.2 03/07/2013

  • Updated to 1.6.1.

V0.5.3 11/07/2013

  • Updated to 1.6.2.

V0.6 31/08/2013

  • Redid project structure.
  • Added update checker.
  • Changed the way the information is displayed to user when ranklist command is used.
  • This update has changes to CONFIG please check the download notes for instructions.

V0.7 16/10/2013

  • Added support for unlimited ranks.
  • This update has changes to CONFIG please delete / backup your previous config, then delete so the new one can be created.

V0.7.1 CURRENT 16/10/2013

  • Fixed small bug when player joins.


See this plugin in action at: mc.teozcommunity.com

Any feedback/ideas regarding this plugin would be appreciated

Plugin not working? Please pass the contents of your yml file using the parser link on the next line before asking for help!

NOTE: This plugin does not manage the permission ranks/groups it only lists them, sorry for the confusion! use group manager if you would like a plugin to do this, thanks, please do not ask about this or the comment will be removed

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Credits: teozfrank