RandomPunish Plugin 1.7.2

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Do you have pesky trolls on your server? Perhaps you just like abusing players. Either way, this plugin is for you. RandomPunish adds 23 player punishments to the game. You can kill them, burn them, explode them and so much more?

Craftbukkit Compatibilty

  • v6.0+ ? Craftbukkit 1.7.2-R0.3
  • v5.0+ ? Craftbukkit 1.4.7-R0.1
  • v4.5+ ? Craftbukkit 1.4.6-R0.3
  • v4.0+ ? Craftbukkit 1.4.5-R2.0

Latest stable version ~ v6.0

I am happy to accept any and all suggestions.

IT?S FINALLY HERE! That?s right, after countless minecraft updates your favourite troll plugin makes a comeback in MC 1.7.2! There?s no new features added with this new update but keep those eyes peeled as my thinking box is now engaged!


  • /kill [player] ~ Kills the specified player.
  • /hurt [player] ~ Takes the specified player down to 50% health.
  • /burn [player] ~ Sets the specified player on fire for 10,000 ticks.
  • /boom [player] ~ Kills specified player with an explosion. (Warning: damages environment).
  • /spam [player] [message] ~ Spams player with a spam message. (Defined in command v3.0+).
  • /fall [player] ~ Teleports the player 200 blocks into the air, causing them to fall to their death.
  • /bury [player] ~ Sends the player 6 blocks under. Literally. Teleports player 6 blocks down, suffocating them.
  • /lavaf [player] ~ Sets block at player?s feet to lava.
  • /invopen [player] ~ Opens player inventory.
  • /strip [player] ~ Wipes player inventory.
  • /fakeop [player] ~ If player is not op: Displays message saying ?You are now Op!?, If player is op: Displays message ?You are no longer Op!?
  • /starve [player] ~ Starves player.
  • /void [player] ~ Teleports player into the void.
  • /name [player] [new name] ~ Changes player name. v1.5+
  • /scare [player] ~ Plays a list of effects at player location. v2.0+
  • /cobweb [player] ~ Puts player inside cobwebs. v2.0+
  • /treehug [player] ~ Generates a tree at player location. My Favourite v2.0+
  • /creeper [player] ~ Spawns a creeper at player location. v2.0+
  • /lavah [player] [height] ~ The block at *height* above the player becomes lava. Good for AFK people v2.0+ (Defineable height v3.0+)
  • /fillinv [player] [material] ~ Fills player inventory with *material*. v3.0+ (/gravel v2.0-)
  • /strike [player] ~ Strikes player with lightning. v2.0+
  • /flood [player] ~ Places water at the foot of the player. v4.0+
  • /notools [player] ~ Removes all the players tools. v5.0+

RandomPunish will also display a message to new players that join your server alerting them to the fact that you have RandomPunish installed.

Permissions: v2.0+

All permissions are : randompunish.*command*, where you replace *command* with the command you type in, minus the /. With the exception of:

  • /treehug ~ randompunish.tree
  • /lavah ~ randompunish.lava
  • /lavaf ~ randompunish.lava

To give access to all commands you can use randompunish.* All permissions default to OP.


  • Permissions Support [DONE v2.0+]
  • Expand on /cobweb
  • Add more punishments


  • Reaching 500+ downloads (Big for a small-time developer like me).

RandomPunish Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link



Credits: OneSmallMr, 5oul3at3r