Race Plugin 1.7.2

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Current Version: 3.0

The Race plugin can be used for many things. The idea of the plugin is simple: players join the race, they vote to select a track, the race starts and the plugin waits for all the players to finish. During the race players can reach checkpoints where they will respawn when they touch a configured blocktype (e.g. when people fall off into lava during the race, they will respawn at their last checkpoint). When a player finishes his/her time will be broadcasted to all the other racers. When all players are finished, the name and finishtime of the fastest racer will be broadcasted to all racers. It’s also possible to auto-execute console-commands by editing the config.yml

This plugin can be used for normal racetracks but also for mazes, parkours, horse races, etc.

How it works

  • A player can join the race with ‘/race join‘ and will get teleported to the loby.
  • When the amount of players reached the minimum amount of players needed to auto-start or when the command ‘/race start‘ is executed, the voting will start.
  • The track that got the most votes will be the next track.
  • The players will be teleported to the spawns of the chosen track. If there aren’t enough spawns, some players will get kicked.
  • A countdown will start and all the players will be frozen.
  • When the countdown reaches 0 all the players will be unfrozen and the race starts.
  • When checkpoints are used, the players will be able to reach new checkpoints.
  • When a player touches a respawnblock they will get telelported back to their last checkpoint.
  • When all players are finished, the race will be over and the winner will be broadcasted.


  1. Type: ‘/race setlobbyspawn‘ ? This will create the lobby.
  2. Type: ‘/race createtrack <name>‘ ? This will create a track.
  3. Type: ‘/race addstart‘ ? This will add a spawn to the selected track. Repeat the command to add as many spawns as you like.
  4. Create a finishline/block. By default a redstoneblock is used to finish a player. Let players run on the finishblock at the finish to stop their personal time.
  5. Check the config. Modify the config to match your personal interests. Set the minimum players needed, the duration of the countdown, etc
  6. Type: ‘/race reload‘ ? This will reload the config.yml and save the changes you made.
  7. OPTIONAL ? Create checkpoint blocks to let the players reach checkpoints, goldblocks by default. When a player touches the respawnblock, water by default, the player will be teleported to their last checkpoint.
  8. That’s it, enjoy racing!


  • /race join ? Join the race.
  • /race leave ? Leave the race.
  • /race addstart ? Add a spawn for the race.
  • /race start ? Start the vote.
  • /race stop ? Force the race to stop.
  • /race spawns <name> ? Check how many spawns are set for the chosen track.
  • /race tracks ? Get a list of all tracks.
  • /race list ? See who are racing.
  • /race reload ? Reload the config.yml.
  • /race ? Get info about the plugin.


  • race.member ? Access to :/race join, /race leave
  • race.admin ? Access to :/race reload, /race setspawn, /race spawns, /race start

Everyone can access: /race, /race list, /race tracks and /race commands.


  • Add checkpoint blocks.
  • Add a command to reload the config.
  • Add permissions.
  • Keep track of the fastest time ever.
  • Keep track of the personal fastest time.
  • Support multiple tracks.
  • Teleport players back to a lobby when they finish the race.
  • Create a YouTube video.


Last updated: 6th of December 2013

[A] = Added [C] = Changed [F] = Fixed


  • [A] Added multiple track support.
  • [A] Added voting system to select a track.
  • [A] Added lobby room players will get teleported to when they join the race.
  • [A] Added new command to list all the available commands: /race commands
  • [A] Added new command to list all the tracks: /race tracks
  • [A] Added more messages in messages.yml (So generate a new messages.yml by deleting the old one!!!)
  • [F] Rewardcommands didn’t get executed, now fixed.
  • [C] Changed the plugin colors in-game.


  • [A] Added the command: /race reload ? Reloads the config.yml
  • [A] Added checkpointsblocks.
  • [A] Added respawnblocks: Player will get teleported back to their last checkpoint or to their spawnpoint when they didn’t reach a respawnblock, when they hit the respawnblock. (e.g. lava or water)
  • [A] Added permissions.
  • [A] race.member gives access to: /race join and /race leave.
  • [A] race.admin gives acces to: /race reload, /race addspawn and /race forcestart and all the race.member commands.
  • [A] Added the option to execute commands when the race finishes.
  • [C] Countdowntime in config.yml can now be set to -1 to disable the countdown.
  • [C] Made the checkpointblock and respawnblock configurable.
  • [C] Changed the command /race setspawn to /race addspawn.
  • [C] Changed the command /race start to /race forcestart.
  • [F] Fixed issue: config.yml and spawn.yml were placed in different folders.


  • [A] Walking on the ‘Finishblock’ defined in the config.yml will finish, and stop the time for, that player.
  • [A] Freeze the players when they join the race, untill the race starts.
  • [A] Add the commands /race: join, leave, start, setspawn, spawns, list.
  • [A] Add an auto-start
  • [A] Make the ‘players needed to auto-start’, ‘countdown time’ and the finishblock’ configurable.

Please let me know what you think about this plugin. If you want me to add something to the plugin, just leave a comment below.

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Credits: Bikkel007