QuickVote Plugin 1.7.2

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QuickVote is a lightweight and easy to use plugin. This plugin allows you to create a vote link list, which allows your players to know your vote links. They can also access the links with a sign.

My goal of this plugin is to release a plugin that is very easy to set up, lightweight, useful and is always updated.

Features, commands and permissions

  • There is a single permission:
    • quickvote.reload ? Allows players to reload the config.
  • There are two commands:
    • /vote ? Allows players to know your vote links
    • /vote reload ? Allows players to reload the config

As for features, here they are:

  • Allows players to get a vote link list with /vote
  • Allows admins to create vote signs.
  • Comes with a default format style to help speed up configuration: You just need to add your links.
  • Very lightweight!

The config for this plugin is very simple, so you shouldn’t have any problems understanding.

Configurable options

There are 4 configuration options:

  • reloadMessage: The message players see when they reload the plugin
  • noPermMessage: The message players see when they don’t have permission to do something
  • voteMessage: The message players see when they check the vote links
  • signHeader: The vote sign header

Using the sign system

Using the sign system is pretty easy. To start out, just put a sign on the ground. On the first line type [Vote]. You can type under the header, it will still remain a vote sign.


This will create a vote sign. When right-clicked, it will show you the vote links in the chat.



Installing QuickVote is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download the latest version
  • Put the .jar file in your plugins directory
  • Restart or reload your server
  • Configure the config.yml
  • Issue the command /vote reload to apply your changes.


If you want to buy me a beer or something, just donate to [email protected] on PayPal. Thank you! =)

Support and contact

If you have any problems with setting up this plugin, post a comment below! I’ll be checking back here frequently for reported bugs, and to help anybody who might have trouble setting it up.

If I appear not to be responding to you, add me on Skype: “denialmc”

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Credits: DenialMC