QuantumCraft Mod

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QuantumCraft introduces four new “dimensions” from Quantum Conundrum:

  • Fluffy
  • Heavy
  • Slow-Mo
  • Anti-Gravity

These are different from minecraft dimensions such as the End or the Nether. Each dimension affects the world in some way while it is active. QuantumCraft also adds ways to switch between dimensions both locally and remotely.


Keep in mind that these dimensions are hard to capture in screenshots.

The first dimension: The Fluffy dimension!

This dimension makes all non-bedrock blocks 100x easier to break and makes them always drop an item.

QuantumCraft Mod

The second dimension: The Heavy dimension!
This dimension has three effects:

  • All blocks are unbreakable (as if they are bedrock)
  • Items cannot be picked up.
  • Items are invulnerable.

QuantumCraft Mod

The third dimension: The Slow-Mo dimension!
This dimension slows down everything 3 times except for the player.

QuantumCraft Mod

The last dimension: The Anti-Gravity dimension!
This dimension flips gravity for every entity except the player.

QuantumCraft Mod

Items and Blocks:

  • This image shows the four IDS Batteries and IDS Containers with each of them.
  • From left to right: Fluffy, Heavy, Slow-Mo, Anti-Gravity
  • To add a battery, right click on a container with the battery in hand.
  • To remove it, right click with nothing in hand.
  • When redstone power is applied to an IDS Container, the world switches to the dimension of the battery inside it.
  • When redstone power is removed from an IDS Container, AND the world is in the dimension of the battery, then the world will switch back to the normal dimension.

QuantumCraft Mod

  • This next image shows the IDS Glove and two IDS Linkers.
  • With the glove in hand, right click an IDS Linker to bind that glove to that linker.
  • Then, press one of the ZXCV keys (you can change this in the Controls screen) to change which side of the bound IDS Linker is outputting redstone power.
  • This can be hooked up as shown at the right to make an easy remote dimension switcher.

QuantumCraft Mod

  • This next image shows the Safes and Boxes.
  • These can be picked up with the right mouse button, and thrown with the left mouse button.
  • You cannot pick up safes in the Normal dimension, just in Fluffy.
  • You cannot pick up either in Heavy.
  • Stone pressure plates (shown at the left) will be triggered by Safes in any dimension besides Fluffy or Boxes in Heavy.
  • Wooden pressure plates (shown at the right) will be triggered by Safes in any dimension or Boxes in any dimension besides Fluffy.
  • Left click a box or safe that you are not holding to break it. This does not work if you could not pick it up in the current dimension.
  • If you throw Safes or Boxes into glass or glass panel blocks, they will break providing that the Safe/Box is going fast enough and is heavy enough.

QuantumCraft Mod

  • This next image shows a dispenser and a DOLLI.
  • The only difference between the two is that a DOLLI does not use up the items that it spits out.
  • Both of them can spit out boxes and safes when they receive a redstone current.

QuantumCraft Mod

  • This next image shows the conveyor belts.
  • These are simple: They move (almost) every entity that lands on the belt.

QuantumCraft Mod

  • These next two images show the gravity doors, in Normal and Anti-Gravity dimensions, respectively.
  • These doors move from up to down based on which dimension they are in.

QuantumCraft Mod

QuantumCraft Mod

  • This image shows Science Juice Buckets, Tubes, and Fluid.
  • Science Juice is a new fluid like Water and Lava. Touching it will kill you instantly.
  • It can also flow through Science Juice Pipes, shown empty at left and full at right.
  • Science Juice will enter any pipe if flowing or still Science Juice is above a pipe block.
  • Science Juice will also flow sideways and down within pipes. It will not exit pipes of its own accord.
  • If you break a pipe that has Science Juice in it, then Science Juice will pour out as a fluid.
  • Science Juice Pipes will conduct redstone power like a solid block when full. Also, when a repeater is turned on while pointing at a Science Juice Pipe, then the pipe will act like a 0-tick repeater in that direction.

QuantumCraft Mod

  • This last image shows laser beams and light beams.
  • Any entities (except for particles, weather, and XP orbs) will break light beams when the come close to the beam.
  • Light beams will emit redstone power into any block that they hit.
  • Laser beams will very quickly damage any entities that they hit.
  • Laser beam generators and light beam generators can be pointed in any direction and enabled by redstone power.

QuantumCraft Mod


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  • Install Risugami’s Modloader into your minecraft.jar
  • Download QuantumCraft from the link at the top of the post.
  • Place the files into your minecraft.jar
  • Delete META-INF
  • Launch Minecraft.


Build 38

  • Added FOV coloring
  • Fixed server/client desynch bugs with boxes and safes
  • Quick, hacky fix for mobs not being affected by slow-mo.


For 1.5.1


For 1.4.7/1.4.6


For 1.4.5


Credits: col6y