PvPEssentials Plugin 1.6.4

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PvPEssentials v0.3


PvPEssentials is a plugin designed to add various features that are almost necessary for your faction/pvp server. All these features are configurable, more configuration options and commands to be added, this is still in its Alpha release. PvPEssentials is very lightweight plugin and will only take up a little memory on your server.


PvPEssentials currently has the following features

  • Drop player/mob heads (displaying their skin head)
  • Set a rarity level for player/mob heads to drop (View configuration for more information)
  • Anti PvP Log system
  • Need Faction (/nf) command with a configurable cooldown to get your player(s) into factions


Command Description
/pvpessentials View pvp essentials help file
/pvpessentials reload Reload the config.yml file
/pvpe Alias for /pvpessentials
/spawnhead Spawn the head of any player or yourself.
/nf Broadcast need faction message


  • pvp.needfaction ? Access need faction command (nf)
  • pvp.spawnhead ? Access to the /spawnhead command.
  • pvp.candrophead ? Allows player to drop their head
  • pvp.pvplog.exempt ? Exempts player from AntiPvPLog


    Enabled: true
    Message: Player %p% needs a faction. Invite him!
    Cooldown: 1
    Enabled: true
    RarityLevel: 3
    MobEnabled: true
    MobRarityLevel: 3
    Enabled: true
    TaggedTimer: 5
    Broadcast: true
    BroadcastMessage: Player %p% has just PvP logged and been killed


Enabled ? True/False, enable this feature?

Message ? String, message to output when the command is executed. %p% = Player Name

Cooldown ? Number, cooldown to use this command in minutes.


Enabled ? True/False, enable this feature? (Drops Player heads Only)

RarityLevel ? Whole number, chance of dropping the head. Lower the number the easier to get. Use 1 to always drop player heads

MobEnabled ? True/False, enable this feature? (Drops Mob heads only)

MobRarityLevel Whole number, same as rarity level, except for mobs only


Enabled ? True/False, enable this feature?

TaggedTimer ? Whole number, how many seconds is the player tagged as in combat after he is damaged by another player

Broadcast ? True/False, should the plugin broadcast whenever someone has PvPLogged

BroadcastMessage ? String, message to be broadcasted when the command is executed. %p% = Player Name

  • Kill/Death/KDR log
  • Killsteak announces/rewards
  • Make people unable to pvp log
  • Protections when people first join.
  • Unable to PvP if on creative/god/fly mode
  • Levels on PvP

Feel free the suggest anything you think would be useful in this plugin

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Credits: TickleNinja