Psychokinesis Plugin 1.7.4

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What is Psychokinesis, and why should i use it?

Psychokinesis is the ability to move things with the power of the mind, and now with this plugin you can do exactly that in Minecraft.

How can i use Psychokinesis?

Currently at this point in time you are going to have to use an Item. But i?m sure that somewhere down the line i will make it via command if that is what you demand.


  • Ability to move blocks with your mind (currently a held item).
  • Pick blocks up by right clicking (hold to levitate).
  • Throw blocks by left clicking them (while they are levitating).
  • Large number of movable blocks.
  • And more to come?

How do I use this?

As stated earlier the only way to use this is Via item, so below i will provide a command that will give you the required item

/give {player} ghasttear 1 name:Telekinesis lore:A_strange_space_rock,|That_grants_Telekinesis_to_the_holder.


/i ghasttear 1 name:Telekinesis lore:A_strange_space_rock,|That_grants_Telekinesis_to_the_holder.

Alternatively you could name a Ghast Tear via Anvil to ?Telekinesis?.

Movable Blocks?

Gold Block (Not Ore)
TNT (Ignites when thrown)

I will be adding more blocks as i slowly test which ones would be fair and will not break the game.

Upcoming Features


  • More Blocks
  • Permissions
  • Shorter Command


  • Other Psychokinetic abilities.

Psychokinesis Plugin 1.7.4 Download Link

Credits: level75mudkip, Jorkz, Wasteland_86