PilzServerTools Plugin 1.7.2

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Pilz Server Tools is a collection of advanced server administration tools that will better allow you to assist your players. Pilz Server Tools (PST) is still in development, so bear with us while we work out the bugs.

Key Features

  • Player Information ? gives every piece of minecraft data on a particular user
  • Help Me ? feature that allows users to be placed into a queue. When an admin is ready to assist a user, it teleports them to the players location.
  • Maintenance Mode ? like whitelist, but allows anyone with PST admin permission to login, while providing others with maintenance message

Help Me

  • Help me creates a queue for players in need of assistance. When a player needs help, they issue the command “/helpme” and they will automatically be placed into the queue & admins will be notified. The queue supports unlimited users, and helps them on a first come first served basis. When an admin is ready to assist, they simply issue the command “/helpme” and they will be automatically teleported to the user in need. That user is then removed from the queue, and the next user in need of assistance is in the front of the line.
  • Displays a scoreboard for all users with admin or helper permissions, with number of users in the help queue

Maintenance Mode

  • When enabled, only users with admin or helper permissions are permitted to join the server. All others are automatically kicked, and are displayed with a message letting them know maintenance is underway

Player Information

  • Provides every bukkit information about a user (ex. is flying, health, food, level, etc.)


  • Coming in 1.1
  • Supervise mode allows you to watch over players to see if they’re up to no good. When you enter supervisor mode, you are automatically vanished and teleported to the users location

Security Protection

  • A common way for users to “steal” a servers plugins is by typing /? which is usually never blocked on servers. PST disabled anybody without PST admin permissions from accessing this command in order to protect your server

Plugin Usage


User’s Information

  • You can lookup all of the information on a user that Minecraft manages. This includes, but is not limited to, health, hunger, fly status?etc.
  • I hope to later expand this to other plugins, like economy plugins to provide a more detailed print out

Maintenance Mode

  • Maintenance mode was designed to provide you with an alternative to whitelisting. When enabled, only users with admin or helper permissions will be able to join the server
  • This is especially useful for building or configuring new plugins so you’re not disturbed



  • When the user issues the help command, they are placed into a wait queue. A scoreboard will appear on anyone with admin or helper permissions, telling them how many users are waiting to be helped
  • When the admin issues the command /helpme and someone is in the wait queue, they will be automatically teleported to their location and a message telling them who they’re helping. When they’re done, they can simply go on their way or if there are more users in the queue, they can issue /helpme again to continue to the next user


  • If a user ever needs help, they can request help from admins (or users with pst.helper permission: Permissions). Admins can then issue a command to be teleported to the next user in the queue who needs assistance



General Plugin

  • /pst ? plugin information
  • /pst check ? checks to see if plugin is running
  • /pst info ? detailed plugin information

Player Information

  • /pst player [PLAYER NAME] ? returns detailed player information



  • /helpme ? will automatically teleport admin to user’s location in need of assistance
  • /helpme clear ? clears the help queue


  • /helpme ? will place user in the help queue & notify admin

Maintenance Mode

  • /pst maintenance [enable/disable] ? enables or disables maintenance mode
  • /pst maintenance info ? returns information on wether maintenance mode is enable or disabled



  • PST.admin ? automatically assigned to OP’s. Gives access to all administrative commands
  • PST.helper ? gives access to admin side of /helpme (Can assist users in need)


  • PST.user ? default permission level. Gives access to basic user commands such as “/helpme”


  • No PST setup is required. Admin permissions is automatically assigned to OPs.

Planned Features

  • Hook in to economy plugin(s) for more player information on print out ? charge players for help
  • Change help queue so that you can see a list of players waiting for your help, rather than just current player
  • Have some features you’d like to see? Please let me know!! Leave me a comment!

Known Bugs

  • None yet. If you find some, please let me know

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Credits: austinpilz, Livid_C0ffee