PetCreeper Plugin 1.6.4

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About PetCreeper

This is a continuation of PetCreeper originally by mathewv. PetCreeper allows players to tame creepers and other mobs that are not normally tamed. 


  • Tame most mobs using configurable bait.
  • Compatible with mcMMO (Taming XP)
  • Ride most mobs using a saddle.
  • Name your pet.
    • Random names available.
  • Supports colored name tags.
  • Full permissions support.
  • Optional ops override permissions.
  • Spawn any pet.
  • Colorize your sheep.
  • Change your wolf’s collar color.
  • Pet modes:
    • Passive ? The default pet mode. Passive pets will just follow you around and are completely harmless.
    • Defensive ? The defensive pets will attack hostile monsters within a certain radius of the player.
    • Aggressive ? The aggressive pets will attack everything that moves.
  • Disable/enable pet following by right clicking your pet.


  • Riding a WitherBoss
  • Riding a Bat
  • Riding a Villager
  • Taming an EnderDragon

How to install

  • Just drop the jar file in your plugins directory and restart your server.
  • Configure permissions.
  • If you do not want to use permissions then set “OpsBypassPerms: true” or “DisablePermissions: true” in the config.yml.


Note: When running a command you must use the pet’s ID number, not name. Example: Teleport pet #1 to you: /pet 1

  • /petlist ? Check if you have a pet. The petlist command will provide the id number for each pet.
  • /pet [id|all] ? Teleport your pet to you.
  • /petcolor [id] [ color ] ? Colorize sheep and wolf collars.
  • /petfree [id|all] ? Let your pet go free.
  • /petname [id] [name|random] ? Name your pet.
  • /petgive [id] [player] ? Give pet away
  • /petkill [id|all] ? Kill your pet.
  • /petmode [id] [a|d|p] ? Change your pet to aggressive, defensive or passive (default).
  • /petage [id] [baby|adult|lock|unlock] ? Change your pet’s age. Lock or unlock age.
  • /petreload ? Reload config.yml
  • /petspawn [ pet type ] [count]


Full Permissions List

  • petcreeper.* ? All permissions.
  • petcreeper.age ? Allows players to use the /petage command.
  • petcreeper.color ? Allows players to use /petcolor.
  • petcreeper.control ? Punch the air to control the pet movement while riding.
  • ? Allows players to use the /pet command.
  • petcreeper.give ? Allows players to use /petgive.
  • petcreeper.kill ? Allows players to use the /petkill command.
  • petcreeper.mode ? Allows players to use /petmode.
  • petcreeper.reload ? Allows players to use /petreload.
  • petcreeper.tame.All
  • petcreeper.tame.(Creature Name)
  • petcreeper.ride.All
  • petcreeper.ride.(Creature Name)
  • petcreeper.spawn.All
  • petcreeper.spawn.(Creature Name)

Permissions Bukkit Example

If you are using PermissionsBukkit then this sample config should work for you. true
      petcreeper.give: true
      petcreeper.mode: true
      petcreeper.control: true
      petcreeper.tame.All: true
      petcreeper.ride.All: true
      petcreeper.age: true

Known Issues

  • Can’t ride dragons
  • Projectile pet mobs (skeletons, blazes, ghasts etc?) can’t attack
  • Pet control doesn’t work correctly

PetCreeper Plugin 1.6.4 Download Links

Credits: Mindcraftson, cnaude