PermissionMessages Plugin 1.6.4

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PermissionMessages will send messages on a configurable timer to players with a configurable permission. The possibilities are endless! You can send different announcements on a per group basis, you can send donator only messages to donator groups, you can even create a reminder for yourself!


  • Unlimited amount of implementations
  • Serverwide messages tied to permissions
  • Lightweight
  • Highly Configurable
  • In-game configuration
  • Multiworld Support
  • Easy time system
  • Ability to create random timers
  • Ability to create random message selections
  • Ability to cycle through messages


Player Permissions:

  • permissionmessages.<yourConfigPermission> ? Sends the messages in the config to the players with this permission.
  • permissionmessages.silence ? Allows the use of /pm silence

Admin Permissions:

  • permissionmessages.reload ? Allows the use of /pm reload
  • permissionmessages.create ? Allows the use of /pm create
  • permissionmessages.add ? Allows the use of /pm add
  • permissionmessages.remove ? Allows the use of /pm remove
  • permissionmessages.list ? Allows the use of /pm list
  • ? Allows the use of /pm help


Aliases are: /permmsg, /permmsgs, /permissionmsgs

Player Commands:

  • /pm silence ? Toggle silence mode. When enabled, you will not hear ANY messages from the plugin.

Admin Commands:

  • /pm help ? Returns a help menu.
  • /pm reload ? Reload the config and the timers.
  • /pm create <permission> <time> <method> <message> ? Create a non-existing permission.
  • /pm add <permission> <message> ? Add a message to an existing permission.
  • /pm remove <permission> ? Remove a permission and it’s messages from the config and game.
  • /pm list ? List all of the currently loaded Permission Messages.

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Credits: slayr288