Pause Chat Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 715 views |

Simple but useful , Pause Chat is a plugin which basically allows the staff of a server to pause the chat when they need to do something like broadcast a message or to prevent spam. When the chat is paused , no one is allowed to chat until the chat is resumed once again.


  • Simple but useful
  • Lightweight
  • Ability to pause and resume the chat

Permissions and Usage

Note: All commands starting with /pausechat can be replaced with /pc.

  • /pausechat ? Shows all Pause Chat’s commands (pausechat.pausechat)
  • /pausechat pause ? Pauses the chat (pausechat.pause)
  • /pausechat resume ? Resumes the chat (pausechat.resume)



  • v1.0.2 ? Fixed permission nodes [ Awaiting approval ]
  • v1.0.1 ? First build release


  • All credits of this plugin , Pause Chat , goes to me , M0n0clink. Should anyone else claim rights for this plugin , report them immediately.

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Credits: M0n0clink