PaperMail Plugin 1.6.4

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With this plugin you can send other players items and texts with a physical mailbox.

Every player has an default mailbox which can be accessed by left clicking a mailbox sign. Also a mailbox can be created from a chest to add additional space in a players inbox.

Items can be sent either through right clicking with an item or by right clicking a mailbox sign.

Texts which are sent through a command get converted to a physical letter and get placed inside the recipients mailbox.


  1. Fully configureable default inbox
  2. Fully configureable sending window
  3. Sending items to other players inboxes
  4. Send texts as items
  5. Charge money to send text mail (v1.0.0.7)
  6. Charge money to send items, configurable per item or per mail. (v1.0.0.7)

Screenshots and other images

Because pictures say more than 1000 words here some pictures:



/papermail sendtext <PLAYER> <TEXT> /papermail createbox <PLAYER>

How to use

Item Mailing

To get started with the item mailing you need to create a mailbox sign or craft some letterpaper to send a itemletter.

You can create the sign by placing a sign and putting “[Mailbox]” in the second line, letter paper can be created by placing paper, a feather and an ink sac into the crafting grid in any shape.

When right-clicking, either the mailbox sign or with the letter paper, the mail window opens.

To define the recipient of the mail add a written book in the top-left slot of the window and add the other items you want to send.

When clicking the send button (the green wool on the right side) your mail will be sent.

Text Mailing

To send a text mail simply enter the command

/papermail sendtext

followed by the recipient and your message.



Allows to use the command /papermail sendtext Is set by default


Allows to use mailbox signs or rightclick with letter paper to send items Is set by default


Allows to create inbox chests using /papermail createbox Is set by default


  EnableTextMail: true       //Allow the use of Text mail messages with /papermail sendtext
  EnableItemMail: true      // Allow the use of Item Mailing
  EnableEnderchest: true     // Allow access to Enderchest from ItemMail GUI
  EnableMailCosts: false     // Enable costs to send texts and Item Mails
  EnablePerItemCosts: false     // Enable Costs per item instead of per mail instance
  CostToText: 0.0    // Cost to send Text mail messages with /papermail sendtext
  SendItemCost: 0.0   // Cost to send an item(or PerItemCost if PerItemCosts is enabled)
  MailWindowRows: 3   // Size of the mail window
  DefaultBoxRows: 4   // Size of the default inbox which is accessed by left clicking the sign
  EnderChestRequirementID: 368
  EnderChestRequirementDV: 0
  MailItemID: 339   // Item ID of the Item which is used to create item mails
  MailItemDV: 1     // Data value of the Item which is used to create item mails
  MailItemName: Letter paper  // Name of the Item which is used to create item mails
  inbox-full-send: The mailbox of %recipient% is full, the items have been sent back to you.  // Message displayed when recipients mailbox is full
  ingredient-missing: You are missing %item% to create a new letter.   // Message displayed when missing ingredients to create Letter Paper Item.

Depends depends on vault if you want to use the MailCosts option. If no economy is detected but MailCosts is still on, Papermail will default to a Gold Ingot barter system.

To do

  1. Add permissions .exempt for costs
  2. Add ability to send money
  3. Fix Items losing their NBTTag data when mailing items. (This plugin causes some special items created by other plugins such as the EpicItems from EpicBoss Gold Edition to lose their special tag abilities when mailed through the ItemMail system.
  4. Make barter item configuable instead of permanently set as GOLD_INGOT.

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Credits: DrkMatr1984, Der_Wisch