NeedHelp Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 691 views |

NeedHelp is a basic plugin that allows players to request help and has severity levels so server staff can stay on top of things.

I am currently looking for a partner in both of my current plugins, and as soon as I do, updates will come a lot quicker!


NeedHelp makes it easier for the staff to keep track of who needs help, and how urgent it is. You use Low, Medium, or High to signal how urgent your problem is. It broadcasts your help message and severity level to notify the staff.


  • /NeedHelp
  • /NeedHelp-Low
  • /NeedHelp-Medium
  • /NeedHelp-High


No configuration involved!

Coming Soon:

  • Permissions so that only certain people get the message
  • Sends tphere request with the message
  • Plugin description overhaul

NeedHelp 1.6.4 Download Links

Credits: Chris101410