MuchCraft Plugin 1.7.2

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MuchCraft provides Doge-style chat with use of a command, for example you could output something like the following in Minecraft chat:

MuchCraft supports Bukkit’s SuperPerms, so should be compatible with any permissions system (e.g. PermissionsEx, etc).
In the absence of a permissions system MuchCraft will continue to work, using op status instead.

How to Use

To send a custom message, type the following:

/wow line one, line two, line three, ?

Each comma separated phrase (which can be multiple words) will then be automattically formatted into Doge-speak!

MuchCraft also supports random generation from predefined phrases ? use:


To show help, use:

/wow help

To reload the config, use:

/wow reload


The following parameters are configurable in config.yml:

  • customLines: Maximum number of lines permitted for custom messages
  • randomLines: Number of lines for randomly generated messages
  • full: Predefined full phrases to use
  • prefix: Phrase prefixes (such, so, very, etc.) to use
  • suffix: Phrase suffixes to use
  • colors: Colors to use ? accepts regular Minecraft hex values (i.e. 0, 1, ?a, b, c, ?)
  • broadcastSender: Turns on broadcast of the command sender
  • broadcastMessage: Message to display command sender
    ? Use %player% in place of the player’s name
    ? Use %x% where x is a Minecraft colour code to add colours
  • debug: Turns on debug messages

Randomly generated messages either take a predefined full message, or combine a prefix and suffix together. Add any amount of new entries to these lists to extend the phrase library!


The permissions used by MuchCraft are:

  • muchcraft.custom: Ability to send custom messages (defaults to all)
  • muchcraft.random: Ability to send randomised messages (defaults to all)
  • muchcraft.nolimit: Removes line limit on custom messages (defaults to ops)
  • muchcraft.reload: Ability to reload MuchCraft config(defaults to ops)

New to 1.1

  • Command sender can now be broadcast (editable in config)
  • Fixed bug where lines which were too long would cause an exception
  • Lines are now forced to be more separated ? reduces clumping

MuchCraft is available now! If you’re interested in following development, I regularly push changes to GitHub.

Any DogeCoin tips would be greatly appreciated ? please send them to DCtQLSpz8GgyLG1XSymNrdYnZLQJLn6LqN

Feel free to leave a comment ? Any suggestions are welcome!

MuchCraft Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: xCP23x