MonetaryDeathPenalty Plugin 1.6.4

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Fear death as MonetaryDeathPenalty will remove currency from a player’s account when they die. This is a great way to help balance a server’s economy.

Description MonetaryDeathPenalty Plugin

This is the MonetaryDeathPenalty plugin you can add to your server to monetary penalise players that die. It is currently v1.65 and was designed for V1.6.4. It requires Vault and WorldGuard. MonetaryDeathPenalty also supports most permissions and most currency plugins.

I will continue to support this and add many more features. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments or through a pm.

Installation and configuration

Place the MonetaryDeathPenalty.jar into your plugins directory and then run the server.


  • /mdp ? Current version of MonetaryDeathPenalty running.
  • /mdp reload ? Reloads the config for MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set prefix <string> ? Set the prefix for MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set pvpcost <boolean> ? Set the pvpcost for MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set pvppay <integer> ? Set the pvppay for MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set usepercentage <boolean> ? Set the usepercentage for MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set flatpercentage <integer> ? Set the flatpercentage MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set flatamount <integer> ? Set the flatamount MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set vipflatpercentage <integer> ? Set the vipflatpercentage MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set vipflatamount <integer> ? Set the vipflatamount MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set minamountforpenalty <integer> ? Set the minamountforpenalty MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set flatamountbelowminamount <integer> ? Set the flatamountbelowminamount MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set maxpercentagecap <integer> ? Set the maxpercentagecap MonetaryDeathPenalty.
  • /mdp set currencysymbol <symbolr> ? Set the currencysymbol MonetaryDeathPenalty.


  • prefix ? Display a prefix before the MonetaryDeathPenalty message. To disable type prefix: 0
  • pvpCost: true ? If true currency will be removed from a player when they are killed by another player.
  • pvpPay: 150 ? Allow players who kill another player to earn a flat amount of currency (pvpCost must be set to true). To disable type pvpPay: 0.
  • usePercentage: true ? If true will use the flatPercentage to calculate the amount that is lost upon death.
  • flatPercentage: 10 ? Will remove this percentage of the players current money upon death.
  • flatAmount: 500 ? Will remove this amount of money from the player upon death. Set usePercentage to false if you wish to use this.
  • vipFlatPercentage: 5 ? Will remove the specified percentage of the total players money upon death.
  • vipFlatAmount: 250 ? Will remove a set value rather than a percentage of the players money. Set usePercentage to false if you wish to use this.
  • minAmountForPenalty: 1000 ? If a player has less than or equal to this amount no currency will be deducted when they die.
  • flatAmountBelowMinAmount: 100 ? If a player has less than or equal to minAmountForPenalty then the value from flatAmountBelowMinAmount will be deducted from a player when they die. To disable type flatAmountBelowMinAmount: 0
  • maxPercentageCap: 5000 ? Will cap the max amount of currency that can be removed from the usePercentage.
  • currencySymbol: $ ? Will output currencySymbolX in the money lost message upon death.
  • customMessage: ‘&6You have died at {0} &6and due to dying you have lost &a{1}&9{2}&6.’ ? Will show a custom death message upon death.
  • customMessageForKiller: ‘&6You have earned &a{1}&9{4} &6for killing &d{3}&6.’ ? Will show a custom message when the player kills another player. 
  • worlds: ? world ? world_nether ? Worlds listed here will cause MonetaryDeathPenalty to affect the players currency.
  • worldGuardBlackList: ? region_name_here ? Regions listed here will cause MonetaryDeathPenalty to have no affect on the players currency.


  • mdp.ignore
    description: Player cannot be penalised by MonetaryDeathPenalty upon death.
    description: Player/group is marked as Vip and penalised using the value from vipFlatPercentage or vipFlatAmount.
  • mdp.reload
    description: Reload the config for MonetaryDeathPenalty.
    default: op

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Credits: Supavitax