MineJobs Plugin 1.7.2

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This is a jobs plugin designed to allow staff members to create and modify jobs for players on their servers. It was originally designed to be a no-fluff get-to-work kinda plugin, but I’ve been hard at work adding numerous OPTIONAL features. Players can log in, get a job, and start making money right away. Admins can modify every aspect of a job from in-game. Some players (Optional feature) can even create jobs for other people to work at, and they have the same job-modding commands as admins (they can’t mod server jobs)! Job systems available include: Digging, Killing, Building, Crafting, Smelting, Brewing, and Enchanting AND Digging and Killing have optional tool value modifiers!

Important Updates:


Version 2.0.0 of the plugin reworks the ENTIRE config system; old config files MUST be removed from plugin folder.


It’s finally out! 1.7.2 is ours for the taking! And so is the money you can make from all the blocks I’ve got for you!
That’s right, we’ve got DATA VALUES now! All you have to do to implement the system is remove the blocks from your list and add them again with the following style! You DON’T need to do this for normal blocks like Stone, only the ones you want!

      ID_35: 2


      ID_35_5: 2
      ID_35_14: 3
      ID_35_7: 5


This update is literally just for handling user-config errors. And a language pack.
Basically, the plugin will now SCAN ALL the config files for ANY ERROR and will alert you, and possibly disable itself depending on the error. Some errors it will even fix itself!
Aside from that, the Language Pack handles ALL output from the plugin. EVERYTHING. There is not ONE LINE that comes out from MineJobs without being read from this file. It’s all you now. If you plan on translating the plugin to a different language, I will gladly add you as a project translator if you feel like passing me the translated file!

Commands and Permissions:

Commands: Description: Permission Node:
? /mj Shows basic plugin help. MineJobs.player.help
? /mja Shows plugin help for admins. MineJobs.admin.help
? /mjc Shows help for Custom Jobs. MineJobs.customs.help
? /mj getJob <jobName> Allows a player to get a job. MineJobs.player.getJob
? /mj getJob <jobName> <playerName> Allows a player to give another player a job. MineJobs.player.getJob.others
? /mj quitJob <jobName> Allows a player to quit a job. MineJobs.player.quitJob
? /mj quitJob <jobName> <playerName> Allows a player to fire another player. MineJobs.player.quitJob.others
? /mj listJobs Lists a player’s jobs and their job options. MineJobs.player.listJobs
? /mj info <jobName> Shows info about a job. MineJobs.player.info
Gives access to [Get A Job] signs. MineJobs.signs.useGetSign
Gives access to [Quit A Job] signs. MineJobs.signs.useQuitSign
Lets you make [Get A Job] signs. MineJobs.signs.makeGetSign
Lets you make [Quit A Job] signs. MineJobs.signs.makeQuitSign
Gives all permissions. MineJobs.*
Gives all player permissions. MineJobs.player.*
Gives all admin permissions. MineJobs.admin.*
Gives all custom job permissions. MineJobs.customs.*

Optional Features:

An important note: to enable these features, you MUST set their enablers to ‘true’ in the main config file (config.yml).


There are only two signs: Get and Quit. To make a [Get A Job] sign, make a new sign and write the top line as “[getajob]” (no quotes), and the third line as the name of the job. The same system goes for [Quit A Job] signs; only instead of line one being “[getajob]” it needs to be “[quitajob]”. (You saw that coming didn’t you.) Right clicking on these signs will give you the same output as if you were typing the command. Left click won’t do anything.

Custom Jobs:

This, as I said above in the introduction, is a feature that allows players to create their own jobs for other players to work on.It currently doesn’t define work regions, but that could be in a future update; and combining this plugin to work with WorldGuard manually is always an option for you servermasters. Players will be able to create and modify their own jobs (and other people’s jobs if you want), and players working on a custom job will be payed at the job owner’s expense. Relatively simple.


Installation is as simple as any other plugin. Drop it in your plugin folder! (Plugin requires Vault and an economy plugin to have any function.)

General Note on Errors:

As a general note, the most common errors in v2.1.1 and below are CONFIG errors; if you’re using the latest version, please submit a ticket or comment here with your error and your config files, either in a PasteBin or zipped if still an available option.
Version 2.1.2 and above uses a configuration scanner to make sure that the configs are undamaged and they contain the correct fields. If there is a mistake in the config, the plugin will throw an error after disabling itself and TELLING YOU WHAT IS WRONG. It will tell you EVERYTHING that is wrong with your config. If you’re still having issues after reading the error output (the output I type will be plain English), please post your errors or issues along with your configuration files in the comments or in a Ticket, I’ll be happy to help.

To-Do for next Update:

  • Job leveling (On hold)
  • Regions support (On hold)
  • Converting from IDs to names (On hold)
  • Job Goals and Limits (On hold)

This is my first plugin guys, bear with me where errors, updates and new features are concerned..
I’m looking for testers for the plugin because I’m terrible at actually testing my features for failures. I only check that it works the way it’s supposed to?
Comment with suggestions for future features!

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Credits: eNnillaMS