Massive Tickets Plugin 1.7.2

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MassiveTickets is a help ticket plugin. Usage of the plugin goes like this:

  1. Player files a help ticket.
  2. Moderator picks the ticket.
  3. Moderator helps Player.
  4. Moderator or Player marks the ticket as done.
  5. Moderator gets a point in the weekly highscore.

Notable about the plugin design:

  • Only one ticket per player at a time.
  • If a player logs out their ticket is marked as done automatically.
  • Moderators must mark themselves as working to be counted.


  • Stop the server.
  • Ensure you have Java 7 installed.
  • Put mcore.jar in the plugins folder.
  • Put massivetickets.jar in the plugins folder.
  • Start the server.
  • Stop the server again. The configs will now have been created.
  • Modify the server conf your liking.
  • Modify the multiverse conf to your liking.
  • Configure permissions.
  • Start the server.


  • /t l,list [page=1] list the tickets
  • /t s,show [player=you] show a ticket
  • /t c,create <message> create a new ticket
  • /t d,done [player=you] mark a ticket as done
  • /t p,pick <player> pick a ticket
  • /t y,yield <player> yield a ticket
  • /t hs,highscore [week=now] [year=now] show highscore
  • /t m,modlist list working moderators
  • /t w,working set if you are working
  • /t v,version show plugin version

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Credits: Cayorion