MakeYourOwnMob Plugin 1.6.4

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Is a plugin so that you can control the mobs that spawn naturally around your server, as well as adding the ability to spawn them by command.

You can completely customize each mob, their drops, their armor (if skeleton/zombie), their spawn rate, their name, their health, and even the damage they deal + more. (see config below for more details)


The commands are as follows:

/CustomSkeleton spawns your custom skeleton.

/CustomZombie spawns your custom zombie.

/CustomSpider spawns your custom spider.

/CustomSlime spawns your custom slime.

/CustomMagmaCube spawns your custom magma cube.

/CustomGhast spawns your custom ghast.

/CustomCreeper spawns your custom creeper.

/CustomCaveSpider spawns your custom cave spider.

/CustomBlaze spawns your custom blaze.

For a more in-depth guide of commands and how to edit the mobs with commands click here.


To use the command “/Custom<mobtype>”, you need the respective permission “CustomMobs.<mobtype>”.

For example:

For the command “/CustomBlaze” you need the permission “CustomMobs.blaze”

To edit the mobs in-game, you need the permission “CustomMobs.edit”


Click the link here to see the config file and how to edit it!

This is the most important part of the entire plugin and it is very important to explain this just right so I have tried to make this as simple and to the point as possible. This should go over every bit of the config and make it easy to understand. If I fail to mention something please feel free to notify me in the comments below and I will explain it to the best of my ability.

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Credits: zarinel