Magic Crusade Mod 1.6.2

Magic Crusade Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

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Classes System:

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There are two ways to use the spell classes. Take the icon spells in hand and right-click, or prepare your keys (press ?P? in-game for it) and use keyboards maccros to launch your spells. (P key on the keyboard for configuration)

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The dungeons can get rare items, such as parts of unique armor and a large powerful precious stones (see section ?Item?)

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Mobs (monsters, npc?) :

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World Generation: Posted Image

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Items: Posted Image

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Precious stones:

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1st step: File downloading:
Download the full mods
Then unzip it to get mod’s files.

2nd step: Put file:
Go into your ?.minecraft? folder (%appdata%)
1) Place the folder ?MagicCrusade_1_6_2? into your folder ?.minecraft/versions?
2) Place the folder ?Magic Crusade? into your folder ?.minecraft/ressourcespacks?

3rd step: Launch the game.
Launcher your new Launcher (minecraft 1.6.*) and create a new profile and select: ?MagicCrusade_1_6_2?


For 1.6.2

Credits: iToss77