Luppii?s Green Mod 1.6.4

Luppii?s Green Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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Luppii’s Green Mod, as the name suggests, has been built to add more blocks, crops and items into Minecraft word. For instance, when installing the mod, you have chance to use a new tool called the Pruning Saw, which not only cuts down leaves very fast, but also destroys leaves in an area around the source block.

The recipe to craft is quite simple as well. You can see the link as belows for your reference.




  • [New] Update checker function added. You no longer need to check manually for updates if you have this or a newer version added.



  • [Update] Raw mutton now has same ID as Cooked mutton. All existing raw mutton in your world will become oranges (orange have the old raw mutton id).


  • [Update] Cooked Mutton now regain for 6 hunger (+2).
  • [Update] Raw Mutton can now be eaten to regain 2 hunger.
  • [New] Squid now drop Raw Squid. Raw: 2 hunger. Cooked: 3 pieces, 2 hunger each.
  • [New] (Raw) Coconut ? Drop from Palm tree. Use an axe on a raw coconut to get coconut. Use an axe on coconut to get Coco Water, drink to regain 4 hunger.
  • [New] Orange ? Fruit drop from Orange tree. Peel (use in crafting grid) for 4 slices, eat to regain 1 hunger for each slice.


  • [New] Orange Tree.
  • [New] Palm Tree. Place a raw coconut in crafting grid to get a palm tree sapling.


  • [Update] Durability on Ruby/Sapphire tools has been raised from 250 to 384.
  • [Update] Pruning saw now lose 1 durability every 5 blocks destroyed.

 Download Luppii’s Green Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4

Author: Luppii