Live Adventure Map for MCPE

Live Adventure Map for MCPE for Minecraft MCPE 0.15, MCPE 0.14, MCPE Master

Updated: Jun 21, 2016 | 549 views |

Hello all . Today I will share a map called Live adventure. Here you have to find four symbols x red, That is at the beach, the mountains, the plains of snow, and lakes .Don’t let Confused Hurry play .LIVE THIS ADVENTURE TO BE PART 3 LOH. (Beware vulnerable get lost)YOU HAVE TO PLAY FROM THE BEGINNING IN EASY-Hard, NOT Peaceful. Later it’s very very not fun. –TapeLegend


  • 1. Do not destroy the blocks in the area / region near the house (mark with gray wool)
  • 2. are only allowed destroy if outside the boundaries of the area / if I tell you to break the block
  • 3. Not creative
  • 4. Did not allowed to cheat / mod
  • 5. Think positive






Download links for Live Adventure Map

Download from server 1

Author: TapeLegend