LinksOnSigns Plugin 1.7.2

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With this plugin you can create Signs with links.

The links will be saved as enums. If you use the Sign, the link will be postet to your chat.

Sign creation: (HOW TO)

create new sign with: “newurl” on first line.

Use the Chat-Command: /linksign [enum] [url] (Example: /linksign google

Then punch on the sign with “newurl” on it.

The Sign will auto-fill.

If you then Right-Click on the Sign you will be sent this link in the Chat and you can click on it.

Sign Removal:

Since this is asked many times: Take an Apple in your hand and destroy the sign. (yep, thats all the magic)

Additional Commands:

/linksonsignsreload reloads the config.yml + links.yml (also shorter: ‘/lsr’ )

Permission Nodes:

  • linksonsigns.create : permission to create a link-sign
  • linksonsigns.use : permission to use a link-sign

The links and Enums are saved in the links.yml in the plugin-datafolder:



The first is the keyword for the sign. The second is the url to send.


/linksign [enum] <URL> : The Url does not have to be written, if the enum is already in the links.yml.


  • stdLINE0: Is the given Identifier in the first line (default: ‘&9[URL]’)
  • stdLINE3: Is the standard text in the last line (default: ‘&cclick me’)
  • preReplaceIdentifier: Is the Identifier you have to write on the Sign the first time you create it (default: newurl)
  • useTinyUrlShortener: If the shortening service should be used. (default: false)
  • alsoTriggerOnPunch: The sign will also trigger, when the player punchs it. (If the player has an Apple in his hand, it will not be triggered) (default: true)
  • displayTriggerMessage : the Message below the Link the Player gets (default:’&5Please click the link above.’)
  • uploadErrorStackTraces: if ‘true’ it uploads Errors + Stacktraces to my personal Domain: This helps finding bugs and implementation errors.
  • linkFormat : The Format of the URL pasted. %LINK% is replaces by the URL. (default: &3URL: &9&n %LINK%)


Permissions: (needed one of the ones below:)

  • Vault
  • PermissionsEx
  • GroupManager (from 0.11 ongoing)
  • BukkitPermissions (untested)
  • bPermissions (untested)


  • There is an integrated Spam-Controll, so that a player can not click more than 1 Sign in 3 seconds.
  • Obvius there is a problem with the client detection of some domains. the “.info” domain for example can not be detected by the client. A possible workaround would be url-shortening (e.x.
  • This plugin requires Java 7

UPCOMING in next Version (1.8)

  • [ADD] multiple usage permissions.


  • @Corruptedjak : for inspiring me for the idea of the Plugin

LinksOnSigns Plugin 1.7.2 Download Links

Credits: Tobiyas