LevelCraft Reborn Plugin 1.7.2

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This plugin is still very early in development. It has basic functionality, but, like some people have already pointed out, there are significant issues with some of the features. I am working to try and get rid of those errors before I move forward with development. I am very picky and would rather an error-free plugin that has few features then a massively awesome plugin that is rendered useless by errors.

Lastly, and most importantly, The Plugin.

LevelCraft Reborn is what I would refer to as a “Game Within a Game” What it will allow you to do, is create an environment not unlike an MMO by giving you requirements for tools, abilities, etc and benefits for working hard.

My goals with this plugin are to:

  1. See it on every self-respecting server in the WORLD
  2. Make it as smooth-running, error-free, hyphen-ated, as possible. Why would I create something useless? Just doesn’t make sense.
  3. Show the world that this game Minecraft, is not simply a place to waste time, but also a place to make a name for yourself while wasting time?

I have a list of desired features that I am kind of running the development off of. It is VERY SLOWLY being completed.
That list includes, but is not limited to:

  • All the coolest skills you ever did see.
  • Full control over said skills and every other feature via in game commands. (Ease of use)
  • Leaderboards to compare dic? levels.
  • Spout integration for super awesome graphical stuff.
  • Vault integration for easier management of economy/chat/permissions.
  • Cape support. (If we can figure it out that is)
  • Support for other large plugins like Factions, Towny, etc
  • External DLC packs.
    • This is the big one. With this ability, we open the options for other developers to jump in and create their own crazy skills or benefits.
    • This is the feature that will stand out amongst the other similar plugins.

I don’t want to cram all the information for this plugin onto the main page. So what I am going to do is break it down into pages. So, when they are created, feel free to click on any of the links to go to the corresponding page.

Skills ? All information pertaining to the base skills
Permissions ? All information regarding permissions
Commands ? All the basic command information
Admin Commands ? All information regarding the extensive set of admin commands
External DLC ? All the need to know info about the future DLC features
Spout ? Information regarding spout integration
Vault ? If required, there will be a page on vault integration.

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Credits: Samkio, horse2950, xTorrent, f1337m4573r, mbsuperstar1