Let me google that for you Plugin 1.7.2

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Let me google that for you!


Let me google that for you! This is an easy plugin. With this add-on for your server can you google with a command. Then you browser opens and it shows you the search results! This plugin is good for people, who use Minecraft in Full-Screen-Mode http://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/simple-smile.png

Warning: Plugin will work on 1.7, but there is a bug on all servers, that you can’t click on links in the chat! You have to wait for the next Minecraft update, which will come in a few days, maybe it will fix the bug. That’s very bad because I wanted to implement links for Facebook and YouTube


  • Search on popular search engines, Wikis etc. like Google, MinecraftWiki, Bukkit or FTB-Wiki!
  • Config! Change the messages.
  • You can send an other player a link!


Put the jar-file in your plugins folder. Restart your server or type /reload. Finish!

How do you use this plugin?

If you want to search “Minecraft” on Google, type

  • /google Minecraft. Or if you would like to search this Plugin on Bukkit.dev, type
  • /BukkitPlugins Let me google that for you. It’s easy http://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/simple-smile.png
  • If you want to send a Google search to a player, type /sendGoogle Notch Where can I buy Minecraft?


  • /Google <search> | Permission: Google.Google
  • /Minecraftwiki <search> | Permission: Google.Minecraftwiki
  • /BukkitPlugins <search> | Permission: Google.BukkitPlugins
  • /TechnicWiki <search> | Permission : Google.TechnicWiki
  • /FTBWiki <search> | Permission: Google.FTBWiki
  • /DEMinecraftwiki <search> | Permission: Google.MinecraftWiki
  • /Amazon <search> | Permission: Google.Amazon
  • /send??? <player> <search> |Permission Google.???.send Put in the free places the search machine. ? (for example: /sendGoogle Notch Minecraft | Perm: Google.Google.send)


It will comes more search machines, like YouTube, Yahoo ??? Do you have ideas for this plugin? Or do you like to see a search machine in this list? Write a comment! http://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/simple-smile.png


Acutally, you can only search things, which have 1-7 words because when a link are too long and needs 2 lines, Minecraft only see a part of the link?

Thanks to:

  • Skeletika (Tester)
  • MrKrisKrisu (Partner)

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Credits: T1mi