LCD Blocks / LCD API Plugin 1.7.2

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LCD Blocks is the Auto-Message portion of this plugin. If you are looking for API information please keep reading below. Customize block types of foreground and background, location, orientation, size, messages, and message switching intervals. This plugin is able to be completely used and customized in-game. All features are supported and recommended through commands. But it also supports file editing to create new displays. The configuration file is setup nicely and is easy to configure.

The actual display is broken into ?digits? of 5*7 blocks which means the minimum display size for a one character display is 7*9 (border added). To create a display the plugin uses WorldEdit and will not run without it. Making a region selection and running the /lcd add command will create a new display.


  1. Make a world edit selection (minimum 7*9), that only resides in one x or z plane (the width of the selection, or depth, must be 1 block).
  2. Type /lcd add <name> <foreground> <background> and immediately the selected area should turn to the background block.
  3. Type /lcd messageAdd <name> <Message> For longer messages change in the config.yml. Use the ` (shift + ) character to add extra spaces.
  4. Adjust the message display time with /lcd messageTime <name> <timeInSeconds>
  5. Refer to the commands below to change / remove displays.


All information here is displayed using the /lcd help command!

  • /lcd help : Displays Help Message
  • /lcd add <name> <foreground block> <background block> : Foreground and Background blocks need to follow the new 1.7.X block ids:
  • /lcd remove <name> : Deletes a LCD Display and Clears the area it occupied.
  • /lcd list : Lists all displays
  • /lcd edit <name> <foreground block> <background block> : Edits the foreground and background of a display
  • /lcd messageAdd <name> <message> : Creates and updates a message to be displayed. Typing ` (~ without shift) creates a space character. Multiple messages may be added to a single display and will loop with a default 30 sec.
  • /lcd messageTime <name> <Delay in Seconds> : Changes the time a message is displayed in seconds.
  • /lcd messageList <name> : Lists the messages associated with a display. Gives an index number that can be used to remove a message.
  • /lcd messageRemove <name> <index> : Removes a message based on the index given from /lcd messageList.


A single permission that gives access to all the /lcd commands.

  • lcd.add


The config.yml file includes some direction.

#  Setting UseAsAPI to true will disable the message system   
#    Stopping messages increases server ticks per second      
#   Reload or Restart your server to reload the config file   
# Would you like to see more characters? Features? Please PM. 
#                  timeToDisplay in Seconds                   
#   LCD:
#      example:
#         world: world
#         start:
#            x: 0
#            y: 120
#            z: 0
#         end:
#            x: 100
#            y: 80
#            z: 0
#         foreground: GLASS
#         background: AIR
#         timeToDisplay: 30
#         messages:
#            - "Test Message"
#            - "123456789"
   UseAsAPI: false

An example display is given, and new ones will be made when using the /lcd add command. An option UseAsAPI: false is used to disable the ingame commands and scheduling system (saving resources).


?Code To Be Added?

This plugin is still in the Beta stage so if you come across a bug please leave a ticket or PM me.

LCD Blocks / LCD API Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: HctiMitcH