kSwearBanner Plugin 1.6.4

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Got that stupid problem? Players keep swearing on your server, and you have to keep muting, jailing, kicking, banning them? You get sick of that job? Well, here is your fix for that.

What is kSwearBanner?

kSwearBanner prevents players on your server to use swearing words, like for example “fuck”. (banned words can be defined config) When the player say one of these words, the message will not be shown in chat. Also, the player will receive a message that it has to stop using those words. (message can be customized in config)

What does kSwearBanner offer?

  • It prevents players from swearing on your server.
  • When swearing, the message will not be shown in the chat.
  • A customizable message will be sent to players that are swearing.
  • Define banned words in the config.

This happenes if you swear:

When typing: imgur.com/yDPHoex

When sent: imgur.com/Q17tqxx

Upcomming features

  • Customizable message can contain colors.
  • Able to create exeptions.


You can always suggest in the comments! I will try to read all of them! ?

Commands & permissions

kSwearBanner does not contain any commands, nor permissions (yet). For now, it only blocks messages with swearwords in it, even for OP’s. I’ll try to add commands & permissions in future updates.


To set the banned words, first download the plugin, run the server once, and then close it again. Go to “(serverfolder)pluginskSwearBanner” and open the config.yml.

The variable “swearwords” is for setting the banned words: any message that contains one or more of these words in this list will not be shown in the chat. There are some pre-set already.


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Go to your server’s folder.
  3. Open the “plugins” folder.
  4. Drag the kSwearBanner.jar file into the ‘plugins’ folder.
  5. Start your server, and enjoy a swearing-free chat!

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Credits: Kevinzuman22