An influential hedge fund manager (and noted Amazon short

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Bieber appears worse for the wear in the photo with his eyes closed, leaned into the woman’s chest. Her face isn’t fully visible in the photo posted to the gossip site, but a rainbow tattoo of the Playboy Bunny symbol on her left hip sure is. She also appears to be wearing very little clothing..

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The first stop for Louis is a meeting with William Mayangoni, the local co ordinator for a security firm known as Mapogo. Based on the outskirts of Diepsloot, one of the squatter camps that ring Johannesburg, William investigates thefts for his mainly white clients. When he catches a suspect, he gives them ‘medicine': the alleged offender is beaten with a leather whip known as a sjambok..

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The decision was just a matter of fact, he continues. Doesn mean it was easy, but it was a factual piece of information, not emotion. Yaeger says the emotional aspect of amputating his left leg was much more difficult to overcome than the physical one..

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