Hubby Plugin 1.7.2

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Hubber: Make a single server look like many!


? Lightweight
? Make lobbies (Works like warps)
? Set a Hub (Teleport to the hub by doing /hub or /hb hub)
? Leave the game through commands!


? /hubby or the alias /hb :: Show’s all availible commands for that player.
? /hb sethub :: Set’s the hub!
? /hb hub or [/hub] :: Teleports you to the hub!
? /hb setlobby <name> :: Set’s the lobby warp!
? /hb dellobby <name> :: Deletes the lobby warp specified!
? /hb goto <lobbyname> :: Go’s to the lobby specified!
? /hb leave or [/leave] :: Kick’s you from the server with a custom message!


? /hb sethub == hubby.sethub
? /hb hub or [/hub] == hubby.hub
? /hb setlobby == hubby.setlobby
? /hb dellobby == hubby.dellobby
? /hb goto == hubby.goto
? /hb leave == hubby.leave


leave-command-message: ‘Custom Kick Message without colors’


? Add Plugin Prefix option
? Add color support for custom strings
? Add huball command
? Develop Hubby-Flags & Hubby-Signs


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Credits: zRA1Nz, zSTA1Nz