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Minecraft PE is a fun game, but mods can make it a completely different experience. Installing mods for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft is a bit more challenging than the PC version, but the process has gotten much easier with the release of some powerful modding tools for both Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). A word of caution if you are playing on an iOS device: You’ll need to be jailbroken in order to install mods.


1.Download and install BlockLauncher. This is a free app that manages mod files for Minecraft PE. It is one of the only reliable ways to install mods on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft. Another possible launcher app is PocketTool, which uses mostly the same process.
You can find BlockLauncher on the Google Play Store.

BlockLauncher only works with the Google Play Store version of Minecraft PE.
Note that BlockLauncher will not work with Android devices that use the Intel Atom chip. This applies mainly to some Vexia and ASUS tablets and phones. You can see the full list of Android devices running Intel chips here.


2.Find the mod that you want to download. There are lots of mods available for the Android version of Minecraft PE. You can find them on a variety of different mod and fan sites. Minecraft PE mods will have a link to a .js file, which is the mod code, and they may also have a link to a .zip file for textures.
You can only use mods specifically made for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, and they should be for the version of Minecraft PE you are currently using.
You cannot use mods that were developed for the PC or Mac versions of Minecraft.


3.Download the necessary files. Tap each of the download links to download the mod files to your Android device. Most files are small and should download in a couple of seconds.


4.Use BlockLauncher to load a texture file. If you didn’t download a texture file, you can skip to the next step. Loading texture files requires BlockLauncher Pro.
Start BlockLauncher. This will load Minecraft PE through the BlockLauncher app.
Tap the BlockLauncher Settings button. This is located at the top of the screen after starting BlockLauncher.
Select “Launcher Options (Requires restart)”.
Tap “Texture Pack” and then tap “Select”.
Open the “Downloads” folder and select the .zip file that you downloaded.


5.Use BlockLauncher to load the mod file. Start BlockLauncher and tap the BlockLauncher Settings button.
Select “Manage ModPE Scripts”.
Tap “Import” and then select “Local storage”.
Open your Downloads folder and tap the .js file that you downloaded.


6.Enable the mods. During gameplay, you can enable and disable installed mods through the BlockLauncher Settings menu. Tap the mod you want to toggle and then select “Enable” or “Disable”.

If you got any problems with the guide see these video below (Update March 2016)