HorseInventory Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 565 views |

Stable Build : [1.6.4] HorseInventory ? 1.1

====== Horse Inventory======

Simple plugin that allow to add Inventory to your horse.


? Add inventory to ALL horses without any command
? Add with right click with chest in hand
? Just owner can add/remove horse inventory
? Permission to allow players to add inventory (for prevent griefer for exemple)

How add Inventory ?:

Just right click to YOUR horse with item :

Item Type Effect
CHEST Add extra Inventory to your horse
TRAPPED_CHEST Remove extra Inventory to your horse

horseinventory.bypass ==> Bypass Horse Owner restriction (Give for moderators)

horseinventory.access ==> Required for add/remove inventory (Give to all players (no visitors) )


No change i think, just add Inventory to horse

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Credits: DarkPingoo