HonestPVP Plugin 1.6.4

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HonestPVP provides a system for fairer pvp. The differents functions are totally independent and each can be enable or disable.


  • HonestPVP provides a system for fairer pvp. The functions are :
  • Protection of no stuff player :
    • This protects the no stuff player being attacked but if a no stuff player attacks another player, he will loose his “no stuff protection” during a durate (defined in config file).
    • Configurable protection depending of the zones of Factions plugin
    • Configurable list of item considered like stuff !
    • Configurable delay of loss “no stuff protection”
  • Protection against disconnection during fight :
    • Bored of the player who disconnects during the fight ? This is the solution ! This functions execute one or more commands when a player disconnect whereas he is in fight.
    • Execute command(s) of your choice when a player disconnect during a fight
    • Configurable duration of a fight
    • Set if the functions handle the fight against the mobs


This plugin is translated in :

  • English
  • French
  • German (version 1.0) You can make your own traduction. Just change the language in config file and then customize the file lang_xx.yml.
  • If you want to support the plugin, you can send me a translation in another language (or a better translation that the actual available translation) !


  • language:Look at above section
  • antiKillNoStuff:
    • “enabled”: define if the protection of the no stuf is enabled or not
    • “noProtectionTime”: durate in seconds of loss “no stuff protection”, when a no stuff player attacks another player
    • “itemStuff”: list of the item considered like stuff
    • “factionSettings”:
      • “isEnabledInWarZone”: Define if the anti kill no stuff system is activated in the WarZone
      • “isEnabledInWilderness”: Define if the anti kill no stuff system is activated in the wilderness
      • “isEnabledInClaimZone”: Define if the anti kill no stuff system is activated in the zone claimed by the factions
    • “enableFightNostuffVSNostuff”: Define if the no stuff players can fight between each others
  • antiDisconnectInFight:
    • “enabled”: define if the protection of the no stuff is enabled or not
    • “enabledMobFight”: define if the mobs activate/trigger the fight mode
    • “durationOfFight”: duration of a fight
    • “actionOnDisconnectInFight”: action to execute when a player who was in fight disconnect. If you want to drop is inventory to ground, just write “dropinv;”. You can execute multiples actions but each actions MUST BE SEPARATED by “;”. To add the name of the player who disconnect in the command, just write “%p”. To execute a command write “cmd:<your command and args>” and at the end don’t forget “;”. For example, if you want to drop the inv of the player and tell the others players that the player who disconnect is fearful. Write this : “dropinv;cmd:say %p is fearful. He tried to escape to the fight !;


/hpvp reload reload the config file


  • honestpvp.reload : Allow access to the /hpvp reload command
  • honestpvp.bypassantidisco : Bypass the anti disconnect system : the anti disconnect in fight system is disabled for you

License All rights reserved.

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Credits: AlphartDev