GemManager Plugin 1.6.4

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Gem Manager is a bukkit economy plugin for your server. It is a new form of economy with a scoreboard to display the amount of gems. There is a new plugin coming soon that will add a shop for this plugin. If you have any ideas to improve this plugin or would like to submit a bug please create a ticket. With version 1.1 comes an API (Click for tutorial) and more commands.


/gemadd <amount> <player> ? Give gems to a player!

/gemsub <amount> <player> ? Take gems from a player!

/gemset <amount> <player> ? Set a player’s gem amount!


gem.add ? Add gems to a player

gem.sub ? Subtract gems from a player

gem.set ? Set the amount of gems


  • Download the plugin
  • Place it in your plugins folder
  • Restart or start your server
  • Use the command or edit the configuration file to get gems


This is completely optional, as all it does is store the amount of gems each player has. But if you would like to use this, just change the number next to the corresponding player name.



If you have found a bug or have an idea, please create a ticket


  • MySQL

Extra Notes

  • To add or subtract gems the player must be online


Version 1.1 includes an API

German GemManager v1.1 has been submitted!


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Credit to: br456