GearSignature Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 494 views | is a simple and lightweight plugin to automatically sign tools, weapons and armor a player crafts with the players name. So when expensive items with rare enchantments get stolen or lost, you can give them easily back to their owners.
Signed items keep their signature even if they are enchanted, renamed or repaired.


Command Alias Description
/gearsignature list /gs list Lists all signature items
/gearsignature add <itemid> /gs add <itemid> Adds a signature item
/gearsignature remove <itemid> /gs remove <itemid> Removes a signature item


Permission Description Default
gearsignature.* Gives access to all GearSignature commands ?
gearsignature.list Allows to view all signature items Everyone
gearsignature.sign Allows players to auto-sign their gear Everyone
gearsignature.add Allows to add signature items Op
gearsignature.remove Allows to remove signature items Op


Path Default Description
enabled true Enables or disabled the whole plugin.
signatureMessage '&7&oCrafted by %player' Message that is added to the item-lore.
signatureItems Every tool, weapon and armor Items which get signed.



  • v1.1: Initial release.
  • v1.2: Added permission for auto signing.

Known Issues

  • Currently none!


  • Leave suggestions in the comments!

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Credits: AtomSponge