FriendMe Plugin 1.7.2

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FriendMe allows you and your friends to have a friends list!
Red text means that it is a beta feature


If there is an error generated, please write the complete error message in your comment.


If you have any ideas for features for this plugin, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments! I want this plugin to be tailored to the whims of the users, and that means you!

To Do List

  • working out some buggy commands
  • toggling bukkit scoreboard functionality

Currently Working on

  • BungeeCord support (via proxy query)
  • toggle-able PVP protection from friends
  • ability to upload friendship data to a new version


To install the plugin, just drop the .jar file in your /plugins directory and restart your server!


/friend add <username> send a player a friend request, if they are online
/friend remove <username> remove a player from your friends list
/friend accept accept a friend request
/friend deny deny a friend request
/friend show make the name of any online friend green(the name above their head)
/friend help lists all FriendMe commands
/friend list online list all online friends
/friend list offline list all offline friends and when they were last online


friendme.user required for a player to use the plugin
friendme.admin required to allow a player to use /friend panel (for later)

Extra Feature

If you would like to allow players to have their friends username green, you need the plugin TagAPI

Sample Config.yml

# Bungee Cord Instances   #
bungee: false 
#     Plugin Metrics      #
metrics: true
#     Colored Names       #
tagapi: false

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Credits: CopyableCougar4