Exotic Matter Mod 1.6.4

Exotic Matter Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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Exotic Matter Mod is a content focused mod that adds a variety of matters exhibiting strange and powerful behaviors.

Through this mod, you will be able to embark on with many things such as Red Matter, Blue Matter, Yellow Matter and so on. Noted, each of them has its own special abilities. While Red Matter destroys nearly anything in its path, Blue Matter creates large gusts of wind when thrown. Therefore, it’s quite important that you must handle them very carefully.

Red Matter OreRed Matter Red Matter destroys nearly anything in its path. Handle it very carefully!

Blue Matter OreBlue Matter Blue Matter creates large gusts of wind when thrown. Be careful that you don’t lose friends or livestock to the sky with this one?

Yellow Matter OreYellow Matter Yellow Matter summons lots of lightning down from the sky. Keep this one away from electronics!

White Matter OreWhite Matter White Matter seems to be inert on its own. However, it does behave strangely around other forms of exotic matter?

Black Matter OreBlack Matter Black Matter seems to turn dark all other forms of exotic matter.

Green Matter OreGreen Matter Green Matter creates or enhances plant life where thrown, but gets all creepy when it’s around Black Matter.

Perhaps there are other forms of exotic matter to be discovered?

Pink Matter Recipe Pink Matter creates a strong healing effect in the area where it lands.

Light Blue Matter Recipe Take to the skies with the power of a short burst of flight using Light Blue Matter!

Dark Green Matter Recipe Dark Green Matter summons a pack of zombie dogs to fight by your side. But be careful, they attack anything that lives and isn’t you or another zombie dog on your team. (Zombie dogs that belong to you will all share a common collar color, randomly chosen based on your username.)

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Author: brad811