Evil Matriarch: The horrendous aunts

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your eyes can deceive you

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(Connor’s actual first name was “William.”) Embarrassing Middle Name: In The Head of Kay’s it’s mentioned in passing that Fenn’s name is Robert Mowbray, “the second of which he had spent much of his time in concealing.” Bertie is shocked to discover his uncle’s middle name: “Portarlington”. Evil Matriarch: The horrendous aunts. Expy: Certain character types recurr in novel after novel.

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And you will give everything to try and keep them alive, because that Lost In Service list scrolling up between the poppies is devastating. The game satirises pretty much every single last one of the Military and Warfare Tropes. Oh, and all the characters are about nine pixels high..

An intriguing signal of this was provided a few weeks back by the visit of Iraqi Shia firebrand cleric Muqtada al Sadr to Saudi Arabia, which has alienated Shias in the region with its doctrinaire version of Sunni Islam and crackdown on its own Shia minority. Sadr’s Mehdi Army, which Tehran has backed in the past, was one of the biggest adversaries of the United States during its occupation of Iraq. The most likely explanation is that Sadr, an Iraqi nationalist wary of Tehran, is responding to Iranian attempts to undercut him as it gains power in the region.

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