Elysium Texture Pack

Elysium Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.4.7

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 922 views |


About this pack

With “Elysium” beautify your Minecraft world with high-resolution textures and new icons.
Build modern cities, idyllic villages or forgotten ruins ? for every idea is a lot inside.

“Elysium” combines the “old” with the “new”, Technology with? well, Pre-Technology or how you may call it. So you can also have a ride on your Minecart on an ultra-modern rail through the villages ? jeayyy



How to Install Elysium Texture Pack for Minecraft

  • 1.    To make this texture pack work you will need the “MCPatcher HD fix”
  • 2.    Open MCPatcher and then click “patch”
  • 3.    Drag and drop the texture pack in the texture pack Folder
  • 4.    Start Minecraft and choose the Elysium Texture Pack
  • 5.    HAVE FUN!




Credits: slash-ignore