EatWheat Plugin 1.7.2

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Eat crops straight from the ground with EatWheat!

<<center>>EatWheat allows players to eat ripe crops directly from below their feet, with tons of configurable options. It’s actually pretty fun, and is very useful on true survival servers. Just uploaded the file for 1.7.2! BukkitDev still has to update it though.


  • Eat crops directly from the ground
  • Will listen to every and any protection plugin, and even logs every crop eat as a block break
  • Optionally set a customizable, colorable message to appear upon eating a crop
  • Easily customize how much eating a crop will feed and heal a player
  • Permissions support
  • Sound effects!
  • Almost guaranteed to have no loopholes or bugs


Just walk up to a fully-grown crop, right-click it, and EatWheat does the rest. By default, a player is fed 1 food bar upon eating a crop, one-third of what bread (three pieces of wheat) will heal you, but health can be configured to be given as well, and both are completely customizable. EatWheat even obeys every protection plugin, including vanilla Minecraft’s spawn radius protection. If you can’t break it, you can’t eat it.


  • /eatwheat ? Plugin info and help
  • /eatwheat reload ? Reloads the local configuration file from the disk
  • /eatwheat config ? Provides quick, clean, human-readable information about what the current EatWheat settings are.


  • eatwheat.* ? Gives holder every EatWheat permission
  • eatwheat.eatcrops ? Allows holder to eat crops with EatWheat
  • eatwheat.reload ? Allows holder to use /eatwheat reload
  • eatwheat.config ? Allows holder to use /eatwheat config


Please note, the feeding and healing input is in half-bars. If you set the healing amount to 4, two full hearts will be healed in-game. If you set it to 1, a single half-heart will be healed. Inputting 5 will heal two and a half hearts, and so on.

Parameter Info Required input Default
Crop-Eat-Feed-Amount How much a player is fed upon eating a crop, in half-bars Whole integer 0-20 2
Crop-Eat-Heal-Amount How much a player is healed upon eating a crop, in half-bars Whole integer 0-20 0
Crop-Eat-Message The message a player receives up eating a crop, supports colors. Leave blank to disable. Blank or a string of text Blank
Crop-Eat-Sounds Whether eating sounds will play when a crop is eaten Boolean value (true or false) True

Don’t forget to type /eatwheat reload the config when you’re done editing it


EatWheat uses the metrics data tracker, which submits lightweight, anonymous data to the metrics website, like how many times my plugin has been started and how many people are using it. If you want to disable this harmless feature, you may set “opt-out” to “true” in the “PluginMetrics” folder of your plugin directory.

To-do list:

  • Nothing here yet, but I’d love to hear some new ideas!


  • None at the moment!

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Credits: devilquak, MeZTech