DisplayTags Plugin 1.6.4

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Ever wanted to change the color of a player’s name? Well, now you can! With this plugin, you can change the color of a player’s name in the chat, tab, and the name above their head. This will be done for GROUPS (from your permissions plugin)You can enable/disable what you want to be displayed (tab, chat, displayname)


Normally, a player’s name would be white, but with this plugin, you can change a player’s name to, say, red:

In the tab:


In the chat:

Above the head (Displayname):


The Config

# Set player's (colored) name in the tab. Enabled?
tab-names: true

# Set player's (colored) name in chat. Enabled?
chat-names: true

# Set player's (colored) name above the player's head. Enabled?
display-names: true


   # These groups should be also in your permissions folder.
   # Simply add the group and set the color next to it.
   # Don't forget the quotes!
   # You can set colors like &c&l.
   Owner: '&c'

   Admin: '&4'

   VIP: '&a'

Commands and Permissions

The only command is /rt which reloads the config and it reloads the displaynames. The permission is displaytags.reload

Tags will automatically reload every 5 minutes. A players tag will also be reloaded when he/she relogs.


You NEED Vault and TagAPI for this plugin to work. You will also need some sort of permissions plugin that is supported by Vault!

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Credits: MirrorRealm