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About DirtyArrows Plugin

DirtyArrows is a plugin which allows you to release the powers of your Bows. When you rename a bow in an anvil to a specific name (possibilities will be shown further down in this post), the bow becomes a real Bastard. With the plugin enabled, the Bastards allow you to use their specific powers. The uses could vary from PvP, PvE or even aesthetic uses. The config.yml allows you to enable or disable certain Bastards to your wishes. This is my second plugin made in request for a friend of mine, dirtdeluxe (yes, he’d liked to use the name Bastard?). I hope you’ll enjoy and have a fun time with the plugin! If you’d like to check out the source of the plugin, click the button above to see the GitHub page. The reason why I make the source-code public, is because I learnt to code due to all people who published their code too and all people who made tutorials, so feel free to learn! If you’re an advanced programmer you can always report any mistakes and/or give me advice http://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/simple-smile.png

How To Install DirtyArrows Plugin

  1. Download the version of DirtyArrows you’d like to have on your server
  2. Place the .jar in the plugins folder
  3. You’re now ready to go! You can even customize a little in the config.yml

Commands/Features (The Bastards) DirtyArrows Plugin

All features and bastards will be listed down here. Have you forgotten what all the names are in-game? Use /da help <page number 1-3> to get the possible Bastards. Make sure that you have toggled DirtyArrows on before you can shoot with your Bastards. Use /da to enable or disable the plugin. If you don’t like a feature, you could always disable it in the config!

ID Bastard Description
1 Exploding Bastard The Exploding Bastard lets you shoot exploding arrows. To balance this feature, every arrow shot will cost you 1 piece of TNT.
2 Lightning Bastard The Lightning Bastard strikes lightning at the arrow’s location. Every shot will cost 1 piece of Glowstone Dust.
3 Clucky Bastard The Clucky Bastard spawns a Chicken at it’s location. Every shot will cost you 1 egg.
4 Ender Bastard The Ender Bastard teleports you to the location you aimed for without damage. A shot costs you 1 Ender Pearl.
5-8 Oak, Spruce, Birch or Jungle Bastard The Tree Bastards let you spawn a tree at the arrow’s location. To grow a tree you’ll need 1 Sapling and 1 Bone Meal.
9 Batty Bastard The Batty Bastard summons a swarm of bats for the cost of 3 Rotten Flesh.
10 Nuclear Bastard No explanation needed. 64 Pieces of TNT will ruin your world. (I am not responsible for any lag caused by this Bastard!)
11 Enlightened Bastard The Enlightened Bastard spawns a torch at the place you aimed for. This will consume 1 Torch.
12 Ranged Bastard The Ranged Bastard will allow you to shoot at a fairly long range with a great amount of power.
13 Machine Bastard The Machine Bastard allows you to spam out your arrows like hell. Rapid fire? This bow can only hold the Infinity and Flame enchantment. Punch and Power don’t have any extra effect at all.
14 Poisonous Bastard In return of 1 Spider Eye, the Poisonous Bastard will poison your target (7,5 seconds, Level 2).
15 Disorienting Bastard The Disorienting Bastard will disorient your target. Dirtdeluxe and I had some great times while he was trying to use his Exploding Bastard?
16 Swap Bastard The Swap Bastard allows you to swap with your target.
17 Draining Bastard The Draining Bastard will heal you with 1/3 of your dealt damgage.
18 Flint and Bastard The Flint and Bastard is a flying flint and steel. When hit, it will take 5 durability from your flint and steel and will fire a cross of fire (5 blocks).
19 Disarming Bastard The Disarming Bastard allows you to disarm your enemy (50% chance). You also have a 20% chance to drop his armour.
20 Wither Bastard The Wither Bastard shoots a wither skull for 3 soul sand.
21 Firey Bastard The Firey Bastard shoots a fireball. This will cost you 1 fireball.
22 Slow Bastard The Slow Bastards let you shoot extremely slow arrows with an enormous amount of power!
23 Level Bastard The Level Bastard allows you to steal 1 level from another player on hit.
24 Undead Bastard The Undead Bastard summons the undead around the place where the arrow hit. This will cost you 64 rotten flesh.
25 Woodman’s Bastard One well placed shot with this piercing bastard will tear a tree down.
26 Bastard of Starvation Removes as many hunger points as damage dealt.
27 Multi Bastard Shoot a flock of 8 arrows to your target(s).
28 Bomb Bastard Drop 3 TNT from the sky at the hit location. This will cost 3 TNT
29 Drop Bastard Let the target drop from the sky.
30 Airstrike Bastard An arrow dropping TNT all the time. Costs: 4 TNT/second.
31 Magmatic Bastard Shoot lava! A bucket of lava required.
32 Aquatic Bastard Shoot water! A bucket of water required.
33 Pull Bastard Pulls your target towards you.
Feature Description
New crafting recipe for arrows This features helps you getting arrows easier than normal. Instead of the default 4 arrows you get, this plugin changes that to 16. If you would like to decrease/increase this amount, check the configuration file.
Headshots When you shot someone in the head, the damage will get multiplied. You can customize this in the config.yml
Looting Get a Looting (I-III) enchantment on your bow with regular enchanting. Also slightly increases the amount of xp dropped
Unbreaking Get a Unbreaking (I-III) enchantment on your bow with regular enchanting.
Custom Names You can change the name of the bastards in the configuration. This will allow you to shoot exploding arrows with a bow named “Rocked Launcher” for example.
Sustainable Flint Zombies have a 13% chance of dropping 1-2 flint. This can be disabled in the config.yml
Blood particles Like the name says.
Coloured Names Colour the name of the bows for special use only! (use /da give to distribute them)
Command Description
/da Toggle dirtyarrows on or off
/da reload Reload the config.yml
/da help <page> Shows the help pages
/da give <player/@a/@r> <id/name> [ench] Give a player a bastard. id=ID of the bastard as shown on this page or on the help pages. name=Technical name (without bastard. f.e.: “exploding”). @a=All players. @r=Random player. ench=Optional: Type “ench” at the end to get an unbreaking 10, infinity 1 bastard.


No bugs found yet. Please leave a ticket if you did and help improving the project http://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/simple-smile.png

Upcoming Features

If you know a new feature or Bastard, let it know and I’ll consider it http://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/simple-smile.png


If you’d like to say/notice/talk or whatever to me, you can always send a PM or mail me to [email protected] (direct response not guaranteed, I don’t check it that often). This can be good stuff, bad stuff or just silly talk (I’m always in for it). My mind supports English and Dutch. If you’d like to talk German or French it can? But I can’t express myself that good in those two languages and I’ll probably switch over to English.


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Credit to: MrSugarCaney