Dakado Health Plugin 1.7.2

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Dakado Health

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Have you ever wanted to add to your VIP group something special or just wanted to have server with levels and their bonuses ? Or just simply wanted more fun ? Now it is possible, with this plugin you will be able to set max player’s health from 1 to 999999. This plugin was originally made for my RPG server called WoWCraft, with level and HP-system.


  • Set max player’s health.
  • Add max player’s health.
  • Decreasing max player’s health.
  • Check player’s max health.
  • Healing player to his maximum health.
  • Healing other players.
  • Configurable default health of players.
  • Configurable messages (By default are in English).
  • Automatic update of configured player’s health.
  • Checking actual/ max HP.
  • You can enable faster health regeneration.
  • New 1.6.1 feature, now you can see more hearts.
  • *Let your players buy hearts!.*New*
  • *HP storage is located in data.yml file, no more in map files!*New*
  • *Permissions health! Player with permission will receive certain amount of HP*New*


Health Permissions:

Health permissions have been changed! Now you need to configure them in the in config, this change is caused by heavy code from the old system. Just look at the configuration section.


There is a full config with all descriptions of every single option.

  hpadd: "Succesfully added player health"
  to: "to"
  decrease: "You have decreased HP of player"
  noperm: "You do not have permission for that command."
  hpreset: "Succesfully reseted HP of player"
  hpset: "Succesfully set player max health"
  healed: "You have been healed."
  healedother: "You healed player"
  bought: "You have bought"
  for: "for"
  hpupdate: "Updating HP..."
  overlimit: "You have reached the maximum limit!"
  default: 20 #Default for all players (can be overwritten by HealthPermissions)
  newdefault: 20 #Default health for new players (players that have not played on your server yet)
  operator: 30 # Default HP for operators
  enabled: false # Enable / disable /dhp buy command, if enabled you need Vault and Economy plugin.
  hplimit: 30 # The limit for buying health. (Maximum health that can players buy).
  cost: 1000 #Price of 1 health in HP Shop (/hpbuy)
  currency: "Coins" # Your currency name.
  enabled: true # Enable/disable faster regeneration.
  installed: true # do not change this!

##########  HEALTH PERMISSIONS:  ##########

    - perm1 #Specify permissions in this example it will be "hp.perm1"
    - perm2
    - perm3
    perm1: 25 # This value belongs to permission "hp.perm1" player with this permission will automatically receive 25 HP.
    perm2: 30
    perm3: 40


(Old command system works too, but try to use the new one).
/dhp help:
description: Displays the help menu.
/dhp buy <amount>:
description: Player buys HP for the specified cost in config.
/dhp increase <player> <amount>: (In v2.7 console command only!)
description: Adds player’s max health.
/dhp add <player> <amount>: (In v2.7 replacement of “hpincrease” command)
description: Adds player’s max health.
/dhp set <player> <amount>:
description: Sets max player’s health.
/dhp decrease <player> <amount>:
description: Decreases player’s max health.
description: Check your actual/ max health.
/hp <player>:
description: Check actual/ max health of other players.
/dhp heal (player):
description: Heals player.
/dhp reset (player):
description: Resets player’s health to default.
/dhp reload
description: Reloads config.


hp.hp.others hp.reset
hp.heal.others ? Healing other players.
hp.amount ? Automatic HP, see the health permission section.


This plugin utilises Hidendra’s plugin metrics system, which means that the informations about plugin and server version are collected and sent to mcstats.org.

If you wish to disable this feature, you can do so by opt-ing out, which you can do in the config file under /plugins/PluginMetrics/

TO-DO List:

HP Toogle. Per world HP.

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Credits: Welite, dave2470