ClickSigns Plugin 1.7.2

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ClickSigns gives you customisable signs that can give you potion effects and more. You could have speed that is level 10 and lasts for 5 seconds. Or you could have a lift system using explosions or jump potions.

Basic Information: ClickSigns allows you to create signs that when right clicked, will cause something to happen. You can customize the duration and strength of the different signs. As this plugin supports permissions, it is excellent if you want to reward donators or loyal players with the ability to make these awesome signs. Each sign has a “create” and “use” permission which makes it extremely customisable to suit almost any kind of server.


/clicksigns ? Basic information about the plugin and version

/signsetup ? How to setup the ClickSigns

/effects ? The different effect names


Using Codes:

clicksigns.signs.speed.use Allows user to use speed sign

clicksigns.signs.haste.use Allows user to use haste sign

clicksigns.signs.strength.use Allows user to use strength sign Allows user to use health sign

clicksigns.signs.jump.use Allows user to use jump sign

clicksigns.signs.regen.use Allows user to use regen sign

clicksigns.signs.resistance.use Allows user to use resistance sign

clicksigns.signs.fireproof.use Allows user to use fireproof sign

clicksigns.signs.waterbreath.use Allows user to use waterbreath sign

clicksigns.signs.invisibility.use Allows user to use invisibility sign

clicksigns.signs.saturation.use Allows user to use saturation sign

clicksigns.signs.nightvision.use Allows user to use nightvision sign

clicksigns.signs.explosion.use Allows user to use explosion sign

Creating Codes:

clicksigns.signs.speed.create Allows user to create speed sign

clicksigns.signs.haste.create Allows user to create haste sign

clicksigns.signs.strength.create Allows user to create strength sign Allows user to create health sign

clicksigns.signs.jump.create Allows user to create jump sign

clicksigns.signs.regen.create Allows user to create regen sign

clicksigns.signs.resistance.create Allows user to create resistance sign

clicksigns.signs.fireproof.create Allows user to create fireproof sign

clicksigns.signs.waterbreath.create Allows user to create waterbreath sign

clicksigns.signs.invisibility.create Allows user to create invisibility sign

clicksigns.signs.saturation.create Allows user to create saturation sign

clicksigns.signs.nightvision.create Allows user to create nightvision sign

clicksigns.signs.explosion.create Allows user to create explosion sign


== Enable / Disable Signs: ==

==== These allow you to enable or disable the different types of ClickSigns. By default, all of them are enabled. ====

Magic-Sign-Enabled: true

Speed-Sign-Enabled: true

Haste-Sign-Enabled: true

Strength-Sign-Enabled: true

Health-Sign-Enabled: true

Jump-Sign-Enabled: true

Regen-Sign-Enabled: true

Resistance-Sign-Enabled: true

Fireproof-Sign-Enabled: true

WaterBreathing-Sign-Enabled: true

Invisibility-Sign-Enabled: true

Saturation-Sign-Enabled: true

NightVision-Sign-Enabled: true

Explosion-Sign-Enabled: true

== Messages: ==

These allow you to change the messages that show when using /effects. The following are the messages by default.

Speed-Sign-Message: Speed ? Makes you run faster

Haste-Sign-Message: Haste ? Makes you dig faster

Strength-Sign-Message: Strength ? Makes you attack harder

Health-Sign-Message: Health ? Unbreaks your bones

Jump-Sign-Message: Jump ? Makes you like a bunny rabbit

Regen-Sign-Message: Regen ? Slowly heals your health

Resistance-Sign-Message: Resistance ? Acts like a shield

FireProof-Sign-Message: FireProof ? Can’t take damage from hot stuff

WaterBreathing-Sign-Message: WaterBreath ? Slowly heals your health

Invisibility-Sign-Message: Invisibility ? Poof! You have disappeared

Saturation-Sign-Message: Saturation ? Just like eating a cookie

NightVision-Sign-Message: NightVision ? You no longer have a fear of the dark

Explosion-Sign-Message: Explosion ? Fly like a rocket

How to setup ClickSigns:


Line 1: [Effect]

Line 2: Duration

Line 3: Amplifier


Line 1: [Explosion]

Line 2: Vertical Power

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Credits: IdioticAussie