ChunkPrequote Plugin 1.6.4

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Flexible, automatic mass generation of chunks.


ChunkPrequote is a world generation tool which let’s you generate the chunks of any world using any world generator without a player having to explore the area first. If

  • you need to know how a world looks like before using it,
  • you need to generate a lot of worlds at once,
  • you don’t want to invest resources for chunk generation on your production system

ChunkPrequote (and optionally any world generator of your choice) will be a great support.


A job defines the settings which ChunkPrequote should use while either creating a new world and adding chunks to it or adding chunks to an already existing world. Jobs can be scheduled in three ways:

  • by adding the job programatically (for developers),
  • by using the chunkprequote add command or
  • by defining it in the file.

There are two types of jobs.

Creating a new world using custom settings

Example definition: example ? ? ? ? true -100 -100 100 100

This definition consists of 10 parts, each separated by a whitespace from the next one:

The name of the world.
The world will be created and loaded before the process starts. If this world already exists and is loaded, the following five parameters will be ignored and the settings will be adopted from the existing world.
The type of the Environment
Possible values are
0 (Normal),
1 (Nether),
2 (The End) or
? (defaults to
0 or uses the Environment of the existing world).
The WorldType
Possible values are
? (defaults to
NORMAL or uses the WorldType of the existing world).
The world seed
Possible values are any character sequence (without whitespaces), any Long number or
? which will either adopt the seed of the existing world or generates a random seed.
The name of the chunk generator to use
The name of the generator must be in the format “plugin” or “plugin:id” (without quotes). The plugin which provides the defined chunk generator must be loaded before the interpretation of the job definition starts and must not be unloaded before the job is finished. If
? is given, the default generator for the chosen Environment will be used.
Generate structures
Possible values are
true or
false. Will be ignored if the world already exists.
“Upper left” chunk coordinates.
Two integer values. The first value represents the upper left X coordinate, the second value represents the upper left Z coordinate.
“Lower right” chunk coordinates.
Two integer values. The first value represents the lower right X coordinate, the second value represents the lower right Z coordinate.
Adding chunks to an existing (and loaded) world

Example definition: world -100 -100 -50 -50

This definition consists of 5 parts:

The world name
The name of the existing and loaded world.
“Upper left” chunk coordinates.
See above.
“Lower right” chunk coordinates.
See above.

The plugin file contains an file with these two example jobs.


The plugin automatically creates the configuration file config.yml. The configuration options and their default values are:

autoStart (
If set to
true ChunkPrequote will immediately start all jobs defined in
autoKick (
If set to
true all players will be kicked from the server when a job starts.
autoKickMessage (
Server maintainance began.)
The kick message used when the option
autoKick is set to
preventLogin (
If set to
true players attempting to join the server while a job is running will be kicked immediately.
preventLoginMessage (
Server is busy.)
The kick message used when the option
preventLogin is set to
freeMemory (
If set to
true ChunkPrequote will attempt to unload all chunks and run the Garbage Collector after each step in order to reduce memory usage. If set to
false this attempt will only be made once a job is finished.
reportStatus (
If set to
true ChunkPrequote will report the number of remaining chunks after each step.
chunksPerStep (
The number of chunks to create with each step.
recoveryTicks (
The number of ticks to wait before performing the next step.
If set to
true ChunkPrequote will populate generated chunks (heavily increases memory usage).


The command chunkprequote is accessable via the console and for server operators and accepts the following parameters:

Prints an overview of all scheduled jobs.
Clears the job queue and loads jobs from the file.
add [job definition]
Adds a job to the queue. See Jobs for how to define a job.
Starts processing all jobs in the queue.
Cancels the current job and delays all remaining jobs until the
run command is being issued again.

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