It’s My Chunk Plugin 1.6.4

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It’s My Chunk is a plugin requested by SharingOfTeam which gives players the possibility to own their chunks for prevent griefing for others.


  • Allow players to own their chunks.
  • Players can add friends to their friend list to allow them to build on their chunks
  • You can set a limitation of max chunks players can have
  • Players with permission or imc.admin can bypass protections for placing blocks
  • Players with permission imc.beak or imc.admin can bypass protections for breaking blocks
  • Players with permission imc.interact or imc.admin can bypass protections for interacting with blocks


Command Function Permission
/imc Show command list
/imc mc Get a list of all your chunks
/imc cc Claim chunk where you are if it is not already claimed by someone else imc.claim or imc.admin
/imc uc Unclaim chunk where you are if it’s your’s (Admins can unclaim all chunks) Players can unclaim their chunk without permission, imc.admin for admins
/imc addfriend <playername> Add playername to your friend list imc.friend
/imc removefriend <playername> Remove playername from your friend list imc.friend
/imc friends Display the list of your friends
/imc ucall Unclaim all chunks of the server imc.admin
/imc uc <player> Unclaim all chunks of <player> imc.admin
/imc list <player> Give a list of player’s chunks imc.claimlist or imc.admin
/imc tp <player> [chunknumber] Teleport to a player chunk ( or imc.admin for bypass friendlist system)


In config.etv :

maxchunkbyplayer: -1 10
debug: false

maxchunkbyplayer sets the max chunks number players can have. (-1 for infinite) sets the max chunk number players can have in permission group “group”. (Replace “group” by a group in your permissions files) (-1 for infinite)

debug enables or disables the debug mode of the plugin (You can use it for help you with permissions) (true/false)
In lang.etv :
You can change the text as you want and if you want to disable a message, just delete the line ?


Please post any issue you have in the comments, and I will fix them as soon as I can!


  • Add economy system
  • (Correct some problems with FTB)
  • Language modification
  • Add a command to display friends list
  • Add permission support

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Credits: Entrivax