Chat Emotions Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 515 views |

Thanks for all the positive responses guys! If you have any input or feedback about the plugin, feel free to give me a shout in comments or PM me

Chat Emotions is a simple plugin that lets you /slap, /hug, or /highfive others.

Check out my PvP server . It has the plugin on it.

1.3 features the ability to customize the hashtag.

1.3.3 will feature /love, /hate and have /hug <player> fixed.

1.3.5 has been completed. It includes /emotions, which tells you about the plugin, and /emotions reload.

1.3.8 so far features /spank, /spit and /emotions version.


Now features if you /hug, /highfive, or /slap yourself, it says you slapped yourself, #ForeverAlone. (I changed it to say ‘themself’ instead of ‘himself’.)


Now features /gb(goodbye), /wel(welcome), /slowclap, /thank, /rip, /wave and /shoutout!


You can now control what is said after the first sentence in a config file! The default is #(then something). You can keep them hashtags or mix it up.


  • /hug <player>
    • <sender> has hugged <player>
  • /highfive <player>
    • <sender> has high-fived<player>
  • /slap <player>
    • <sender> has slapped <player>
  • /gb <player>
    • <sender> said goodbye to <player>
  • /wel<player>
    • <sender> welcomed <player>
  • /slowclap <player>
    • <sender> started slow clapping for <player>
  • /thank <player>
    • <sender> has thanked <player>
  • /rip<player>
    • <sender> has ripped <player> into pieces!
  • /wave<player>
    • <sender> waved to <player>
  • /shoutout<player>
    • <sender> gave a shoutout to <player>
  • /hate<player>
    • <sender> hates <player>
  • /love<player>
    • <sender> loves <player>
  • /emotions
  • /emotions reload

Permission Nodes

  • Note: to give permission for all emotions, use: emotions.*
  • emotions.hug
  • emotions.highfive
  • emotions.slap
  • emotions.goodbye
  • emotions.welcome
  • emotions.slowclap
  • emotions.thank
  • emotions.wave
  • emotions.shoutout
  • emotions.hate
  • emotions.reload

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Credit to: KingFredrickVI