CatChat Plugin 1.7.4

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This documentation is for Version 2.1


Ever wanted to have a simple chat that is easy to configure?
Well search no more! Because you won’t find an easier chat plugin.
Players can chat and when they post a link, the link will automaticly be shortened.
(uses from nijikokun)


  • URL shortener
  • Prefixes per group.
  • Suffixes per group.
  • Enable or disable the chat managing function.
  • Players can chat in colors with permission.
  • Players can post links with permission.
  • Smileys


  • <3
  • ->


  • catchat.admin : players can use catchat commands.
  • catchat.colors : players are allowed to talk with &5colors.
  • catchat.links : players are allowed to post links.


<> : needed, [] : optional

  • /catchat (or /chat, /cchat) : show help.
  • catchat reload : reload the configuration
  • /catchat prefix <group> [‘prefix’] : Add/Remove prefix from a group
  • /catchat suffix <group> [‘suffix’] : Add/Remove suffix from a group
  • /catchat priority <group> <#> : Set the priority of a group (default 0)


an example configuration here:

Format: ' &b<&f+prefix&f+suffix +name&b> &6-&f +msg'
  Admin: '&4[Admin]&f'
  default: '&8[Default]&f'
  Admin: '&6'
  default: ''
  Admin: 0
  default: 90
# if censored with: <dots> removes the dots from the url.
# else, if something different than <dots> (for example: <censored>,<dsad>, derp) then replace the url with it.
censor-link: <dots>

Format: with this you can change the format of the plugin, how you see the chat.

  • +prefix replaced with prefix of player group.
  • +suffix replaced with suffix of player group.
  • +name replaced with name of the player.
  • +msg replaced with the message sent.
  • &f color code: used to color a chat and make it look nice.


  • Group: ‘prefix you want’


  • Group: “suffix you want’


  • Group: #
    Where 0, is most important, and +9001 least important.

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Credits: BlockCat